Make 120k+ gold per hour flipping battle pets!

Battle pet and cosmetic flipping is something I have been doing for quite a while, and I’ve not really been looking deeply at my results, so let’s do some analysis.

The end of BoE flipping

I originally got started on multiple realms back in Legion due to how good BoE flipping was. I kept doing it in BfA, until they removed titanforging. I’ve kept flipping on these realms, but I swapped to cosmetics only after BoEs got changed. I’ve not really ever looked at how my approach is working though.

The lazy way

There are players making absolute boatloads flipping battle pets and cosmetics. Usually by putting in a lot of effort on buying, posting and manipulating prices. The most famous one being Kaychak here on youtube, who  is active on literally every EU realm. My way is to just repost with a completely braindead setup, zero considerations. I log in once every 3-6 days at most, with certain periods even having me just log in once every two weeks to ensure I repost something.

11 realms

I am on 11 realms currently and the time it takes me to post on one realm is around 2 and a half minutes. This includes the time from I start loading in, through reposting all my auctions and logging back out. I do this on 11 realms these days, so the total time to go through all of them is about half an hour. I’m not sure how often I’ve reposted. At times it’s been 2-3 times a week and at times every 14 days. I’m going to be conservative and assume I’ve done it twice a week on average for the whole period. With those assumptions I will have spent around 134 hours reposting on these realms since the launch of Shadowlands.

16 million gold profit in 3 years

I’ve made 16 million gold in profit from this since the launch of Shadowlands. Compared to that I have made 52 million gold in profit from doing max level professions and flipping on Draenor. Overall this does mean that my gold per hour for doing battle pet and cosmetic flipping is about 120 000 gold, at least. If my average reposts per week is lower than 2 then the gold per hour would go up. Obviously 120 000 gold per hour is pretty decent, not absolutely crazy, but something that significantly outperforms most farming methods.

Ultimately this does show that you can make a good chunk of gold with a very laidback approach to goldmaking.

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