The BEST goldmaking addon in Dragonflight is a gamechanger

I made a while ago covering SGT Craft cost and CraftSim. Genju has been hard at working expanding the functionality of CraftSim, so it’s time to take another look at it!

Modules galore

One big change that has happened over time since launch is the addition of more and more modules to CraftSim. At the beginning functionality was fairly limited, but over time the number of modules and the power of the addon has increased significantly. I’m going to go through the ones I find most useful below!

Recipe scan

This function right here is just fantastic. It will scan through all your recipes and list them in order of profitability. I use this all the time for jewelcrafting in particular to make sure I have the most profitable gems in stock.

Craft results

Craft results will track a crafting session and all your procs. This is mostly for fun, but it will also let you know if you were below average in your procs for a session, and it will help show you the actual gold per hour you are realizing. For instance, we can see in the session on the screenshot that I got unlucky on multicraft procs, and ended up losing a bit of gold. If I crafted a couple hundred more it would even out.

Price details and cost details

Price Details and cost details will show you the cost and price used for the various potential qualities. This is great for you to understand the calculations going on, and to get a sanity check that the actual expected profit is reasonable. If the price for something is out of whack you can change it with price overrides, which is also very useful to ensure you are doing the right things.

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