I made a token in 7 days just using phase 1 recipes in Wrath classic!

Last week I started my 30 days to a token challenge on Wrath classic. Yesterday, I finished it!

Quests broken

The raw gold gain from doing quests and dailies is absolutely massive. This allowed me to snowball my AH value incredibly quickly. Of the 7100 gold I made in profit over these 7 days 4785 was from ah sales + vendor sales, with 2400 coming from quest rewards. The quest rewards were mostly early in the run, and were crucial to quickly get many items up on the AH. The more items you have available for sale the better.

What did I do?

I have quested to finish loremaster of Northrend so I could get the Deathchill cloak recipe (which has not sold yet). Outside of that I have continuously restocked and sold gear from LW and tailoring, focusing on the ilvl 200 epics from P1 and entry level PvP gear from p1. I’ve also sold some other crafted rare PvE pieces.

The sales

My first sales were leg armor enchants and some tailoring pieces. Gradually I have sold mostly tailoring and leatherworking gear, with a large emphasis on LW epics, and various PvP pieces. Interestingly all of these recipes are from P1, but sales are still really strong. I end the challenge with 7191 gold on me and auctions posted for 15000 gold on the AH.

Did I cheat?

The character I did the challenge with had most of the epic p1 and pvp recipes unlocked. As such I saved somewhere between 1500 and 2000 gold unlocking recipes. This is obviously significant, but mostly in terms of scaling. If I had to buy every recipe or level professions I would obviously need more time, but I felt that a level 80 with bad p1 gear and maxed professions is a fairly representative starting point for wrath players.

What would be optimal professions?

If I was going to min max I think Inscription would be a natural choice. The sale rate and profit on glyphs is really good. The other profession I’m unsure of, but JC, LW or blacksmithing are all up there. Weapons from BS and rings from JC should do really well for ilvl bumps to get into the dungeon finder, and LW obviously is great. Alchemy could be a dark horse, but it’s a lot more work as you are in the volume game.

How much time did I spend?

I ended up accruing 18 hours played on my warlock, with a bit more reposting and buying auctions. Honestly I had too much fun. That time does include a couple of heroic dungeons, which clearly did not matter for the gold. If you do more efficient questing (I did all of Howling Fjord for 5g per quest for the achievment for instance) then you could get the same gold results in less time.

What’s next?

I’ll keep restocking and reposting the same item groups once or twice a day for the full 30 days, and we’ll see where we end up. It’ll be interesting to see how a very lazy approach to the same markets will do going forward.

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