The best ways to make gold in WoW Dragonflight 10.2

The 10.2 patch has now reached Release Candidate status and gotten a release date. As such we can assume that all the profession data and changes are now final, so let’s take a look.

New recipes

Below is a list of all the new recipes in 10.2 sorted by profession. There’s quite a few new recipes, but very few of them represent significant changes to the economy. Most of them simply replace current recipes 1:1, or are cosmetics only which means that the sale rate and price is usually limited.

Dracothyst is back

Dracothysts are still used in the new 10.2 crests. This means we will likely see a resurgence in dracothyst demand and we should see a sustained period much higher sales, and potentially higher profits. There’s still plenty of time to set up some more Dracothyst crafters, so if you want to do it now is definitely the time.

Overall outlook

10.2 looks incredibly similar to 10.1. The main difference I see is that there are slightly less new relevant recipes than 10.1, mostly due to the fact that we don’t get a new dracothyst like recipe. There’s a couple of new gear recipes and some new embellishments, which may be profitable, but it depends extremely heavily on the recipe cost. My experience with Shadowflame patches was very lackluster (don’t ask me how much gold I lost, it was a lot).

If something worked for you in 10.1 it will work in 10.2, if nothing worked then the name of the game will be low margin volume plays with professions like enchanting, jewelcrafting etc., crafting orders in trade chat or alt armies. Those are the main strategies in Dragonflight for max level professions and 10.2 changes nothing in this regard.

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