Cooldown crafts are fixed, and profits are UP!

For quite a while in Dragonflight we’ve had a bug that affects cooldown based recipes. Essentially the bug would reset the charges back up to the maximum amount.

Supply is down

I’m not sure exactly when the fix was deployed, but we can see that the price of Dracothyst has been rising steadily since the weekly reset on the 31st of May. Supply is still trending downwards and the price has been trending upwards. For cooldown cloth the immediate effect is less visible around the reset, but the price has been trending upwards very significantly over the last week.

Profit margins are up

This is the best news about this. Profit margins on all three cooldown crafts is up significantly. I’m up to making 4000 gold on average per Dracothyst right now. For cooldown cloth the average profit per craft of Azureweave is 1200, with 500 for chronocloth. This is a lot higher than it has been lately.

Taking advantage

With the cooldowns coming in much slower the value of multiple characters is now a lot higher. 1 character will probably generate less gold (although the increased profit margins may have made it better). The flip side is that more alts is now a lot better to generate more cooldown usages. Dracothyst alts are very quick to set up, but the tailoring setup does require a lot more knowledge. If you have extra alts then you should absolutely do the rep farm to get the recipe for Dracothyst, and then put in some amount of effort to unlock some extra knowledge.

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