The most profitable way to make gold – Done Lazy

Kaychak recently posted a video covering some of his ideas for making absolutely obscene amounts of gold. His main example which is Korthia Transmog has made him  over 100 million gold in profit, with a lot of items left over.

Not for the lazy

Kaychak is going all out using a spreadsheet and investing in absolutely huge quantities of items across an entire region. Specifically he has bought out the entire EU region of certain relatively rare items to manipulate the price. Obviously this level of effort and capital is unavailable, unappealing or uninteresting to most players, so what on earth do we do? ( i lump myself in this category mostly because I don’t much like doing manual tracking or keeping active tabs on things.)

The lazy approach

My goal is always to find a way where I can engage with a specific market entirely through TSM. If I can outsource all my decisionmaking to well functioning operations and just do some brainless shopping, restocking and reposting then I’m happy. So how do we do this with long term investment markets?

Treat it like flipping

One obvious way is to simply pretend it is a “normal” flipping market. Essentially just add the items to a TSM group, and buy when they are relatively cheap compared to the market value or region market value, repost if they are relatively expensive. You can tweak the settings to make sure you post for a reasonable profit, and that you don’t post if the profit isnt there.

This will mean that may miss out on the most extreme moves, but I did essentially this with Island expedition transmog. If you are not investing in hundreds of items, but less than 50 this will work quite well, you can just repost on whatever banker you stick them in the bag of and eventually the price will appreciate.

Bulk buy at the end of patches/expansions

The real trick is to understand what players won’t be doing anymore. Playing the game actively will help you know where rare tradeable transmog can drop. You can then use wowhead to search for similar items. To use kaychaks example you could set up a search with the item database of wowhead like this to find the other shoulder transmog from the zone.

TSM settings

Below you can find the TSM import code for my Island expedition group which has auctioning operations you can use a basis for any market you want to start investing in. If you are certain you want to invest, then don’t be afraid to keep buying, but be aware that you are putting your gold at risk. 


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  1. I did try to copy/paste the string from the box, but TSM kicked it back. 🙁 I promise I’m only doing what’s in the box.

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