Zero to One Million gold: The challenge

So i started fresh a while ago on Ravencrest EU. I promised updates and I have since more or less failed to deliver. Primarily because I got so inspired by people like Graham Randall, Peelyon and Billy (Vahdis) on twitter who are all flipping battle pets across multiple realms. So I started leveraging my Ravencrest gold in this direction.

Essentially my challenge failed and i stopped focusing on it. Trying to get established on multiple servers is the “next level” for me personally,so it is very fun. I am however relying on moving battle pets from my main realm so it requires a lot of gold. I don’t see failure as an end point an instead I will apply what I learned to the next attempt at chronicling a zero to hero story. I am lazy and I need a way more structured systems approach to following through on this.

I wholeheartedly believe that gold making is a learnable skill and that my strategies are valid across servers. So time to put them to the true test. I hope you guys will help keep me to account on this challenge.

The challenge

I am gonna roll a character on a new server, no battle pets, no gold transfers or anything. I will stick to using one account. I will use heirlooms though, because I am really too lazy to spend too much time leveling from level 1.

Say hello to my character:

It’s called Lazygold and is on Twilight’s Hammer Horde EU, please come say hi if you want to join me. If there’s interest I will set up a guild for anyone who wants to hang with me, let me know if you are!.  I’ll be playing as a spec class. I settled on a Blood Elf as I haven’t played horde in forever, and specifically I can’t remember the Blood Elf starting zones at all. I have never had a max level warrior or played prot either, so that will make it completely fresh for me.

Keeping records

To help me actually give status updates I will be doing a weekly update of my progress on Sundays. I plan to record the following

  • /played every day to get a breakdown of time spent.
  • Level
  • Main activities
  • Gold spent
  • Gold earned
  • Total gold
  • And an average of my transactions

If there’s anything else you want to see me give you updates on please let me know, and I will include it. Hopefully I will give you guys a good insight into how I think about gold making when I’m not buying materials in 300 000 gold batches.

I will try to stream my progress as much as possible, but I dont know how much of my playing time will be in large enough chunks yet. By chronicling all this stuff I will simultaneously show you how to start out, and figure out which approaches are best. I will also be writing up my thought processes on what I tried out.

Some early strategies

I believe low level crafting can often be very profitable. I am too lazy to spend time farming, so I will most likely og with two crafting professions as early as possible. The most likely candidates are tailoring + something else. I already have good experience selling low level tailoring shirts on a lowbie, so I will try to replicate that. For my second profession, I havenæt really decided yet. A possibility is to buy a portal to Ashran and buy the engineering treatise to get access to glider kits, but we will see.

Ill keep you up to date whenever I make changes to the strategy as outlined above. Good luck to me 🙂

8 thoughts on “Zero to One Million gold: The challenge

  1. Do you think that a single character will be viable for long term goldmaking? I feel like two professions really limits the possible markets.

    1. That depends on how you define viable. More alts is generally better if you’re doing crafting. If you’re farming or playing the AH then you don’t really need more than one however. I do a lot of crafting so I leverage my alts as much as possible on my main realm. For this challenge I will just use one character.

      I have no idea how fast or slow it will be yet though, but we’ll see.

  2. I am curious why you allowed yourself heirlooms but didn’t just jump right to 100 with a demon hunter? In theory, any new character wouldn’t have had access to heirlooms, but would have access to a level 100 character with Legion, which should unlock a level 98 demon hunter and a level 55 death knight. In theory, purchasing WoD might still include a level 90 character as well.

    Its an interesting challenge, but I hate the leveling process at this point and would want to start with a demon hunter at least for the ilvl and access to Legion.

    1. You cant roll a demon hunter on a new realm. You need to have atleast a level 90 character if i remember correctly. Now I could have rolled a DK and then went for a DHas soon as possible.

      I went for a level with heirlooms to get a decent mix between starting completely fresh and not having to spend too much time leveling. It has still been way slower than I hoped/thought when I started out. Mainly because I have had to spend the majority of the time leveling. In hindsight I think it would be more interesting as a zero to one million starting at or near max level as that would be more purely focused on gold making. I wanted to show some low level ideas and test some out too though, so I went from level 1.

      1. Ah…that makes sense. Didn’t realize there were limits to creating demon hunters. In that case starting from lvl 1 makes a lot of sense, and using heirlooms just minimizes the non-goldmaking part of the game.

  3. So…..did anything ever happen? I see you wrote in 2017 that you were going to start..but I don’t see any additional posts or statistics.

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