Zero to One Million: Status Update #1

My zero to one million gold challenge has started quite well. I have played a total of 3:45 on my warrior, and he is now level 20. The play time was spread over three different sessions. I’m gonna go through them one by one and then write up the main gold making methods I have attempted.

Day 1

  • /played: 1:13
  • Level: 10
  • Total money: 43 silver

THis session pretty much only had included leveling to 10. I got two items I posted to the auction house. Pattern: Red Linen Robe and Tribal Pants. The pattern was only posted for 3 gold, and sold within 12 hours. I posted the pants for 800 gold, but they did not sell. All in all the session was decent. I got lucky on the pants drop, and did not expect any more money from the first session.

Day 2

  • /played: 0:30
  • Level: 13
  • Total money: 3 gold

I started up the Ghostlands in this session. The only real income I got was from the Red Linen Robe pattern. I did a dive into several vendor opportunities for gold making however. I bought 4 mining picks and 4 Blacksmithing Hammers from vendors. Hopefully I will be able to sell these for 50-100 gold to some lazy people. I also got some Ancestral Woolies which had a market price of 100k! on the realm. They obviously wont sell. I have them posted at 999 gold at the moment, and hopefully they will sell at that level. I also bought and posted some Red Ribboned Wrapping paper, but I don’t think they sell particularily well outside of Christmas.

Day 3

  • /played: 2:00
  • Level: 20
  • Total money: 398 gold

The most significant thing to happen was that the Tribal Pants sold for about 500 gold. I bought Netherweave Bags for all my slots and started running dungeons. I also picked up Tailoring to craft up a bunch of linen shirts. They seem completely underpriced on my realm, so I took a risk and bought out the 5 gold shirts to try resetting the price to 50 gold. Hopefully it works out. I just crafted using the linen that had dropped for me, no purchases from the Auction House yet. I have no further plans for tailoring at the moment, but the shirts should bring in a tidy profit even at 5 gold.


  • /played: 3:43
  • Level: 20
  • Total gold: 398 gold
  • Total AH value: 2366 gold
  • Total gold Acquired: 480 gold
  • Total gold spent: 78 Gold



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I will probably work on the format of my status posts going forward as I find a good level of detail versus effort. Please let me know if you feel like I missed something or want to have more or less details from the updates.


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