Massive spreadsheet update, engineering and 7.3 Recipes

I’m back from vacation with a bang. I have now brought my spreadsheet up to date with all the new 7.3 recipes and I finished a sheet for Engineering. Due to the large number of changes the google sheets link has been changes as I re-imported my spreadsheet completely. You can find the new link below and on my spreadsheet page:


I added all the engineering crafts that you can sell on the auction house. I also added obliterum calculations for the Skullblasters which I have used to great effect in my Zero to One Million Gold series. 

I have it on good authority that a number of the recipes can be profitable, but you will have to experiment yourself to figure out how well they are doing on your realm.

7.3 recipes

Patch 7.3 added a lot of recipes to the game. It also added new materials and the new primal Obliterum. Most of the new materials can be traded and we can just use the Auction house price as their cost. The new Primal Sargerite is bind on pickup however. To find the value of one Primal Sargerite I took the price of one Primal Obliterum less the price of one Obliterum. This is used in all the crafting cost formulas and you can find the Primal Sargerite value in the renamed BoS and Primal Sarg sheet.

Empyrium prospecting

To get the correct rates for empyrium prospecting I went through all the data I could find on woweconomy. By adding up all the data from the following threads I could find the rates quite easily:


The results are summarised in the table below. I rounded down the rates to 3% and 1.5% per prospect respectively. 3% seems like the closest round number and I assume the same ratio of red/green gems as in Felslate and Leystone. I’d rather be slightly too conservative than too aggressive with the pricing assumptions.

To find the best method value of the new gems from empyrium prospecting i needed to find some way to value the gems when used in the new Empyrial crowns. To find the gem value I took the expected profit from the crown, divided by 8 to get the profit per gem. For each gem the best method value then equals the AH price of the gems plus the expected profit from the Empyrial crowns. From what I saw when checking this is truly where the empyrium value lies.

Google Sheets Update

I also added a new update button and a script to the google sheets version. It should now function like the excel sheet and not keep updating in the background. Shoutout to Solaris on my Discord server who wrote the script and has been sharing it with people there.


11 thoughts on “Massive spreadsheet update, engineering and 7.3 Recipes

  1. Hey,

    thank you and keep up the good work. Any chance that you will update your pastebins, esp. jewelcrafting/engineering for 7.3? Including coustom price sources etc.?

    Thank you!

    1. I’ll likely get to it. I updated the Legion materials group already, I’ll do the the other groups when I have time. Hopefully I’ll get a revamp done today.

  2. I think you have a minor error in your spreadsheet in the formular where you calculate the prospecting profit. In the crafting comparison tab e.g. E14 you always divide by 3 irrespective of the rank i enter in the jewelcrafting tab.

    Furthermore i wanted to ask how you get the values “Fractional value uncommons” and Fractional value rares?

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for pointing it out. I corrected it to use the correct number of total gems. I might fix it to be completely correct in my next version, but this approximation is at least pretty close to being correct. Both versions are updated now.

      I don’t remember where the Fractional value cells are, can you point me in the right direction? It’s closing in on a year since i Made the jewelcrafting part.

    1. They are already in the spreadsheet, right at the top. All the new epic gems with the profit from cutting them

  3. The spreadsheet says that

    “At the bottom of the input sheet there are three variables that you can set to yes or no depending on if you have access to them. Obliterum forge, disenchanting and Saber’s eye. Obviously having access to all of them makes the shuffle more profitable.”

    Which cells are these variables in? I can’t find them on the inputs sheet.

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