Patreon Preview and Update

As you guys probably remember I announced that I would be starting a Patreon. Progress has not been too fast, but I am getting much closer to launch now. I showed a small preview of the rewards the last time I streamed and I have been working quite a bit since then.

Launch Schedule!

This is the big one. The Patreon will go live on the 2nd of May!

Reward structure

After feedback from the last post I will be changing the reward structure slightly. I’ve added one extra tier and changed the rewards slightly. Obviously the rewards will be evolving as we go and this is just the start point. My goal is always to get more quality content out to you guys!

  • 1 USD per month: Special Discord role, Access to Patron Only discord channel and forums, 3-day early access to all blog posts
  • 3 USD per month: As above plus one question for a monthly Q&A post where I will answer your questions in depth
  • 5 USD per month: As above plus access to my Premium TSM settings package (my full setup with instructions to set it up)
  • 10 USD per month: As above plus a 30 minute 1-on-1 gold making coaching session

I’m still eager to hear your thoughts on how this looks, but my focus is primarily on getting stuff ready!

A look at the rewards

TSM settings

I have been working on setting up a comprehensive TSM profile from scratch. My current settings and structures are a hodge-podge of custom made groups with bad names. For this profile I want to make it as structured and comprehensive as possible.

The high level structure

On the top level my profile will be split into four main groups:

  1. Crafting
  2. Flipping
  3. Materials
  4. Battle For Azeroth

For each group we will further split up by profession, material type or flipping market. For the crafting and material groups each profession or material type will be split up by expansion to get a nice, well structured look. I will be making a separate group for all Battle for Azeroth crafting markets and materials as these are likely going to be the most widely used ones and it makes it easier to use it in practice if these are together.


Under the crafting group you will find all the auctioning groups and operations I have published. I will only be including settings I have personally used here so there will be a lot of groups that do not have items in them. If you are active in any old expansion I am not dabbling in it should be easy to import your own groups.


Flipping will include the main flipping markets: Battle Pets, BoEs and Transmog. I will obviously be updating this with whatever flipping markets turn out to be good in BfA. This will include the full Battle Pet setup I use with custom pricing strings that have not been published anywhere else!


For materials I decided to go a bit overboard. For all of the main material types in the game I have made groups for ALL expansions that include ALL the tradeskill materials in question.

The subgroup structure goes down to individual items. You can see how it looks for gems in the screenshot below. All the groups will include the same material shopping operation so you can easily find and shop for whatever materials you need the most.

The forum

The forum will serve as the hub for all the Patreon Rewards. It is currently live, but private at

The screenshot below shows the current main forum structure. The sub forums for the TSM setup and Q&A post will only be visible to patrons at the relevant level.

The TSM Setup sub forum will include the TSM profile I showed above with a comprehensive setup guide to make sure you get started and understand the major pricing formulas. The Q&A forum will be live with a monthly topic where I will be answering questions in-depth. These write-ups will go live on my blog for all of you once a month.

We also have the Early Access sub-forum that will have the early access version of the next post going live on my blog, three days before it goes live! This will help you get a headstart on the competition as we head into BfA markets!

The community

We will also have forums dedicated to gold making. This forum is not meant for beginner questions, though. I strongly suggest heading to the woweconomy subreddit or discord for that. The goal of my forum is to foster discussion of more advanced gold making techniques, advanced TSM use etc.

If you like my blog, you should consider follow me on twitch and twitter because it will give you a live glimpse into my gold making adventures!

12 thoughts on “Patreon Preview and Update

  1. Wow! I am definitely looking forward to this! Especially your reworked TSM settings will be interesting! I think I also will make use of the highest reward because who doesn’t want to have a teaching from one of the best known goblins in the game? And at the same time I am able to thank and support you.
    Will you be offering teaching/support in general ?

    1. I will probably not be offering teaching in general, as I don’t have that kind of spare time available.

      I just realized I should add some form of continuous reward for the highest tier as well. I’ll be tweaking the rewards as we go to make sure they make sense.

  2. The 5 dollars deal looks far too good to refuse, especially as it will allow me to give back to you for the amazing help this website has been in helping a brand new goblin find his feet!

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