Be a potion master! Alchemy has been added to the spreadsheet!

I just finished adding Alchemy to my spreadsheets. You can now use my spreadsheet to figure out which potions are worth it. How profitable it is to obliterate healing potions and Alchemist stones. You can also see the profit margins of all the Legion potions and flasks. I also did some quality of life improvements to the enchanting part of the sheet.


Google Sheets

Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets API issues

A lot of people have had issues with the Google Sheets version of my spreadsheet. I realized from the Discussion on the latest Your Wow Money Podcast (Give them a listen if you haven’t, their content is GREAT!) that this was keeping people from using my spreadsheet.

As far as I can tell the majority of the issues are caused by TSM API calls being used up. Unfortunately the function I use to import data auto updates at least once every hour. So if you leave your TSM key in the spreadsheet overnight, it will burn through your requests.

The best solution to solve this is to delete your TSM key from the B1 cell as soon as you are finished with the spreadsheet.

Another issue seems to happen because Google sheets doesn’t actually load the full data sheet. To solve this just scroll down to the bottom of the data sheet before adding the TSM key. This will load all the cells and insure that you don’t get any empty cells. You can also scroll to the bottom of the data sheet and re-enter the API key to get the same result (But this will burn a request).

All things considered I suggest using the Excel version if you have MS Office as it does not suffer this problem. I realize that this is not an option for many of you however, hopefully these tips will help you avoid any issues in the future.


As usual my spreadsheet supports all recipe ranks for the profession. I chose to leave all the Legion transmute out of the sheet however as they would have been completely unwieldy to implement in a timely fashion.

For rank 3 recipes I have used 1.5 as the average proc rate. I do not personally have a Legion Alchemist so I have not tested this out personally. The 1.5 rate seems to be the consensus from all the sources I have checked however.

I have also added support for valuing Blood of Sargeras using Potion of Prolonged power. It is by default set to not include it in the calculations. If you have Alchemy and the potion head over to the Blood Of Sargeras Sheet and set the corresponding cell to Yes to include the opportunity cost of crafting Potions in all other crafting valuations. It automatically uses the correct recipe rank from the Alchemy sheet.

Enchanting updates

Based on a suggestion by user Griff on my discord server I have added some functionality to the enchanting materials pricing. You can now get prices for Leylight Shards and Arkhana from the Leatherworking and Tailoring shuffles. If you are unfamiliar with the shuffles the idea is to craft the bracers (Warhide, Battlebound and Silkweave) and then disenchanting them. You can move a ton of leather and Silk into enchanting materials with this method.

The formulas assume that you have the rank 3 bracer recipes for Stormscale, Stonehide Leather and Shal’dorei Silk. I calculate the Arkhana value as 3 times Stonehide Leather/Stormscale/Shal’dorei Silk. The Leylight Shard value is 9 times the crafting input. For the Tailoring bracers I include the cost of the Runic catgut as well. The disenchant value of the bracers will be above this though. As you will get both Chaos Crystals and Blood of Sargeras as well as Leylight Shards.

You can activate the shuffle pricing in the enchanting tab by setting the relevant cells (Orange on the screenshot) to Yes. If both are set to yes it will set the prices to the lowest possible source. It will also show you what source is cheapest in beside the price cell as shown in the screenshot.


You can always get support on my Discord server where I have a dedicated spreadsheet support channel.

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2 thoughts on “Be a potion master! Alchemy has been added to the spreadsheet!

  1. Hey, thank you for you work. I’m curious if you updated your TSM JC operations? On my server the JC prizes for e.g. epic gems dropped under 50% of the crafting prizes costs. This means no sales, only quick dawnlights are selling o.k.


    1. My settings are the same, and are based on the crafting price/market price. If prices are below crafting, then I suggest going out of the market for a while.

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