Making gold with Inscription: Legion Glyphs

I have been working on Inscription intermittently lately. If you are new to inscription you should check out my post on the pre-legion glyphs. I have also mentioned the Tome of Tranquil Mind in several posts and it is a fantastic item for profits. Craft them if you aren’t!

I will cover the glyphs added in Legion in this post. Legion added a large number of glyphs to the game all of which are obviously minor glyphs. These glyphs give varying cosmetic effects that usually offer an upgrade on the visuals of an ability confirmed to the standard visual. They sell at a decent rate, but as they do not give a direct in-game benefit they will obviously sell slower than enchants or crafted gear.

A major advantage of the Legion glyphs is that they do not have recipe ranks. When you have the recipe you are at the same level as anyone else. This of course also a disadvantage as the barrier to entry is low, so you will be facing more competition. You can obtain the recipes from a large number of sources. Some are from vendors, some from quests and some from world drops. Wowhead has a rundown of the recipes and their sources and I suggest looking it up to find the ones you are missing.

My results with Legion Glyphs

I have only crafted the recipes available from Jang Quillpaw. The vendor that sells Legion recipes in Dalaran. Even then, my results are pretty decent, with about 2.000 gold worth of sales per day. I only repost glyphs once a day and I only let the auctions run for 12 hours so you can most likely sell way more if you are more active with reposting. The profit margin per sale ranges from 200 gold to 1600 gold. If you re-post a bit more often and add all the glyphs to your inventory you should easily double or triple my sales.

Legion Glyph sales
Legion Glyph Sales

Materials and restocking

All the Legion glyphs are crafted using some combination of Roseate Pigment and Sallow Pigment. You can get both pigments by milling Legion herbs. My experience is that it is often preferable to buy Roseate Pigment on the Auction House as you will need a VERY large amount of Roseate. I don’t have access to mass milling as my scribe is just level 103 however, so I prefer buying the finished Roseate Pigments. If you have access to mass milling milling for roseate is a good option. For Sallow pigment the cheapest option by far will probably be buying Felwort and milling it. On my server you generally can mill felwort to get Sallow Pigment at half the AH price.

For shopping for both pigments i strongly suggest using TSM crafting scans. Just click crafting on the shopping UI and write Sallow pigment or Roseate Pigment and TSM will scan all available herb sources and rank them by how cheaply you will get pigments from milling them.

Legion Glyph crafting scan results
Crafting scan results

I have a restocking operation included in the TSM group at the end of the post that stocks up to 20 of each glyph. I do this to save time so I can do all my crafting at once. If your capital is limited I suggest doing 5 of each as the glyphs are quite expensive to craft.

TSM Groups and Operations

You can find my TSM groups in my pastebin as always. The group includes all Legion glyphs and the necessary operations to restock and post them to the auction house. My auctioning settings are pretty straightforward. Max 2 auctions of 1 glyph each. All prices are based on the TSM crafting cost of the glyphs.

If you are unfamiliar with importing TSM groups or TSM crafting you can read up on my last post on pre-legion glyphs or on my posts on jewelcrafting.

I personally only re-post once a day but you will achieve better results if you repost more aggressively. Deposits are super cheap for glyphs so don’t be afraid to cancel and repost as often as you like.

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