Profiting from War Fronts

An interesting new market that has cropped up in BfA is the various items used in warfront turn-ins.

Warfronts are one of the marquee features of BfA and they og through regular contribution and control phases.

During the contribution phase there are a ton of quests available that you can turn in once per contribution phase per character. The turn-ins ar etied to profession crafts and materials and this makes them a prime gold making opportunity.

The rewards for the quests include Honorbound/7th Legion reputation and azerite power and will remain in demand for a while.

The various turn-ins

At this point we do not have a full list of turn ins, but we have a decent idea of stack sizes. Materials are turned in in stacks of 60, so this is going to be an important stack size for material flipping.

The profession crafts are turned in in various stack sizes of 1, 2, 3, 5, 15 or 20 items at the time. As always we can expect higher prices if we post our items in the exact right stack size.

Just post the active ones

For this market we only want to post the items that are currently used for turn ins. For a lot of these items it will not make sense to post them if they are not active as war front turn-ins, or you want to post them in a different stack size.

To make this easy we will make a set of separate TSM groups specifically for posting the items that are currently active as war front turn-ins. This will let us post these items only in their most relevant stack size.

It will require a bit more work from us though, as you will have to update the groups every time the contributions go live, and move the items back to other groups when the contribution phase ends.

Swapping items

If you’ve read my TSM4 guide you will hopefully be familiar with adding items to groups. As we will have to move items into and out of the groups you will have to get familiar with this.

Whenever the contribution phase starts you need to get online and figure out what items are needed and in what stack sizes. This will likely be posted to the woweconomy reddit, or on wowhead.

Then you add them to the appropriate war front turn in group. They are named based on the stack size they are needed in.

Once the contribution phase is over you will have to remove the items from the groups and put them back in your regular groups If they are items you regularly sell.

Pricing settings

For the pricing settings we will use either crafting for items that are crafted or dbmarket for items that are not crafted. We can accomplish this by setting the prices with the formula first(130%crafting, 120%dbmarket). If crafting exists it will evaluate to 130% crafting oterhwise it will evaluate to 120% dbmarket.

As usual we only really expect the minimum price to matter, and I expect we can get a premium for these items so I will use the string I just showed you as the minimum price.

TSM Setup

The TSM setup in my pastebin contains the items that are currently active as turn-ins on the EU-realms in their respective groups.

If you are on NA you will have to do some work to import the correct items, but you will dfind them all online. I suggest using the item ID to import them quickly as I outline in my post on making groups in TSM4.

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3 thoughts on “Profiting from War Fronts

  1. And what string are you using for norm and max? I’m assuming the same string with a higher percentage, but what percentage?

  2. Hi, I’ve been searching for some days now but haven’t been able to find a list of the turn-ins that are now live. This is kind of a problem, as I don’t have a high level horde character. Do you know of any resource for this? That would be really helpful. Regardless, thanks for putting together these great articles!

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