This build is the way to make gold with Alchemy!

Today we’re taking a look at Alchemy, one of the all time volume favorites in goldmaking.

Knowledge matters, a lot

Basic build:

If you are behind the curve on knowledge you are extremely unlikely to make gold with alchemy. At minimum you need enough knowledge to reach quality 3 with inspiration procs and have a decent amount of multicraft/resourcefulness. My alchemist is currently sitting at 78 knowledge invested, and I will not make a profit off of phials. I would need a combination of more skill to enable potentially cheaper material combinations and significantly more multicraft stats to make a profit.

Q3 is unreachable for some recipes

Anything above skill 375 is very hard if not impossible to reach quality 3 guaranteed. As such you will rely on an inspiration build where you sell your q2 items at cost or a loss and hope to make up for it on the q3 procs. I can currently reach 29 % inspiration rate with incense, but there are some + inspiration nodes I’m missing.

Getting the knowledge

Obviously you need to do your profession weeklies and work on your Artisan’s consortium rep. In addition there’s knowledge available from renown starting at renown 14 with Valdrakken Accord, Iskaara Tuskarr and Dragonscale Expedition. I’m assuming you need at least to max batch production to make a profit at current prices, which is 15-20 more knowledge than I currently have.

What should you craft?

I chose Phials for my alchemist, but you can do potions as well. The general build is the same for both with a focus on getting to and maxing out batch production alongside the inspiration node in alchemical theory. After that I suggest focusing on the Alchemical theory node for generic skill and stat bonuses.


You need to max out the quality of your tools if possible. In particular getting  multicraft or inspiration on your main tool and getting as high quality as possible on your other pieces is important. Alchemy is always competitive, and you need to eke out every advantage you can get.

The weekly cycle

The other side of alchemy is to take advantage of cheap material prices. You want to stock up on materials at their lowest point of the week and make sure you have consumables on the AH after the weekly reset. Players get most of their consumables early in the week where they head into their PvE objectives for the week.


To calculate your profits there’s a very useful addon out called CraftSim. It uses pricing data from TSM to calculate the profit of a recipe taking into account inspiration procs, multicraft and material quality used. This is absolute amazing for alchemy in particular as you can use different quality materials to cut your crafting cost.

Using this you should be able to find effective pricing to maximize your profits.

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