Republished Jewelcrafting Spreadsheet

I just found a small mistake in my Jewelcrafting spreadsheet. I had forgotten about cut uncommon gems. They were all set to 15 gold value from when I was making it work. The impact on this should be insignificant. The highest value use of uncommon gems is usually enchanting materials or obliterum. In some cases this might have very slightly underestimated the value of prospecting the ore.

Corrected version: Lazy-Goldmakers-JCENCH-Spreadsheet-TSM-API

I’ve republished the corrected version now. The google version has not been corrected yet (will most likely get to it tomorrow).


7 thoughts on “Republished Jewelcrafting Spreadsheet

    1. The new wordpress version broke the link as it doesnt allow hosting xlsm files. I moved the spreadsheet to, and the link should point there now!

  1. Thanks for this, your effort is much appreciated
    Most of my uncommon gems say the best method is to “DE and sell Arkhana”, what’s the best method for doing this though? I have an enchanter but they seem to be unable to DE gems.

  2. Thanks for this, your effort is much appreciated.

    I am a little confused as the spreadsheet is suggesting that I “DE and sell Arkhana” for all my uncommon gems. My enchanter seems to be unable to DE gems. Please can you elaborate on the process.

    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. For disenchanting you should craft the rank 3 version of the rings that take uncommon gems (Skystone Loop, Aszunite Loop etc.). Disenchant them and shatter the shards into arkhana as needed

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