Monetizing alts: My daily routine

I got asked on Discord about my daily routine for monetizing alts. So I thought I would do a writeup.

This is the list of characters on my main account:

My second account only has a lvl 10 character I use for posting to the Auction House. Optimally I would have a full set of alts for daily cooldowns, but I dont have time to level that many characters at the moment.

The characters I login to and do daily cooldowns every day are the ones that have the names covered in red.

  • Lvl 100 Warlock: Alchemy/engineering
    • Daily routine: Transmute: Pyrium Bar and Jard’s Peculiar Energy Sourc
    • Other goldmaking crafts: Vial of The Sands, Choppers, Geosynchronous world spinner, Crafted Transmog
  • Lvl 92 Mage: Alchemy/JC
    • Daily routine: Transmute: Pyrium Bar
    • Other goldmaking crafts: Jewelcrafting Panthers
  • Lvl 100 Rogue: Tailoring/Mining
    • Daily routine: Hexweave Cloth, Hexweave Cloth Workorders (for Bags)
    • Other goldmaking crafts: smelting bars, Crafted Transmog
  • Lvl 90 Priest: No professions
    • Daily routine: collecting and reposting Glyphs (once per day)
    • Other goldmaking crafts: none
  • Lvl 100 Monk: Alchemy/Engineering
    • Daily routine: Transmute: Pyrium Bar, Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source
    • Other goldmaking crafts: none

This routine takes about 10 minutes with loading screens and checking mail on my second account. I prioritize Pyrium Bars with transmute to source cheap truegold for my Vial of the Sands crafting. The rest of the methods are completely stand-alone.

A note on garrisons

Based on a comment on my monetizing alts post I will look more into making optimized garrisons for my alts. I will probably do it on my 90 Hunter to figure out how much work it would be to set up from scratch. I only use one garrison for work orders and my character is parked there so the effort required is very low. Everything I have read points to the fact that it is quite lucrative to run optimized Garrisons, so I do want to try it out.

According to a post on woweconomy the average of an optimized garrison can be about 30k gold per month, 1k gold per day can be very good, but it depends on the time requirement. I will be reporting back with my findings after testing it out. I will be looking for the most passive set up I can find.


This post was requested by a user on my Discord server. I engage on a regular basis with people there, this includes spreadsheet support, answering questions, bragging etc. The woweconomy subreddit also recently launched a discord server which you should check out. I havent had time to spend there, but the discussions seem active, and it’s always fun to share ideas and experiences.

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