The BfA enchanting shuffle

Enchanting shuffles have always been one of the easiest ways to get into gold making. For those of you completely unfamiliar with what a shuffle is, this will be the perfect post for you.

Shuffle Basics

You can ignore this portion if you are already familiar with what a shuffle is.

A shuffle is a process where you take some material, craft lots of one item and then you process the crafted item, usually by disenchanting it.

I have written guide for several shuffles over the years as they are great methods for gold making, especially for beginners. The reason they are so great is because the end product of the shuffle is usually a crafting material, and crafting materials sell really well.

This is certainly the case for the BfA enchanting shuffle as well!

What are we shuffling?

In BfA the main enchanting shuffle is based around crafting uncommon bracers and disenchanting them. These are the lowest crafting cost items you can make for all of the armor professions.

This time around there are no ranks on the shuffle recipes, so you can just get tailoring and leatherworking on a level 110 alt and you will be good to go.

You even learn the recipes at skill level one.

You will have to have enchanting on a character as well to disenchant the items. Once again you can do this on a level 110 that just has zandalari or kul tiran enchanting.

Figuring out the profitability

To figure out the profitability in this market we need to know a couple of things. The main ones being the cost of getting a bracer and the second one being the value of the enchanting materials we get from disenchanting.

The Costs

We need the crafting cost for the bracers, and we need to figure out if it’s the tailoring bracers or one of the leatherworking bracers that is the cheapest one. Usually tailoring will be cheapest, but it can be one of the others so do some due diligence.

The simplest way is to just compare the crafting costs for these items using my spreadsheet.

The value

To figure out the disenchant value requires a bit of math actually. The reason is that the bracers have a chance to upgrade to rare variants. These will give umbra shards in addition to gloom dust when disenchanting, and will increase the value substantially.

To calculate the value we need the number of gloom dust we get on average for disenchanting an uncommon bracer as well as the average gloom dust and umbra shard yields from a rare bracer.

Luckily Serejai has us covered at least partially with his data collection sheet. The sample size is a bit smaller than I would have preferred, but it’s the best estimate we have. We couple this with a 15% chance of getting a rare we can then make a custom price source that represents the disenchant value.

Making the custom source

The source we will make will essentially be 0.85*(value of uncommon disenchant)+0.15*(value of rare disenchant). For the uncommon disenchant we will just use the rate from serejais sheet. For the rare ones we will assume that the rate is 1.5 for both gloom dust and umbra shard based on his data.

We then get the custom source shown below:


Now we just need to compare this value with the crafting cost of the relevant item. The easiest way is to simply add the price source to your tooltip. You do that as shown on the screenshot below.

TSM Tooltip settings

Once you have done that the new price source will show up as the third value source in the TSM part of the tooltip. As you can see below the average disenchant value for a tidespray linen bracer including the rare procs is 156 gold on my realm, which is exactly equal to the crafting cost. You will have to find cheap cloth for this to be worth it here.

TSM tooltip

Buying materials and selling the results

You can use my material flipping operations to sell your gloom dust and Umbra Shards. Your main customers will be people crafting enchants, especially goblins that need a lot of materials.

For shopping you need to look for cheap cloth or leather. You can easily compare the custom price source with the crafting costs from my spreadsheet to see if any of the crafts are worth it.

Good Luck!

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6 thoughts on “The BfA enchanting shuffle

  1. Thanks for this! Using these numbers, is there a way to calculate the crafting cost of each enchanting mat produced? I want to save a bunch for my enchanter to use and enter the custom crafting cost in TSM.

    1. I’d have to do some thinking to work out the math, but yes it is possible. Just look at the crafting cost relative to the yields. Might be a bit hard to get a perfect price for umbra shards without making some simplifying assumptions.

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