The Gold-making End Game: Flipping BfA BoEs for profit

As I talked about on the podcast yesterday High end flipping is what I consider the gold making end game. This is where you can make by far the most gold per time spent. I’ve written extensively on BoE flipping in Legion, and today we take a look at the market in BfA.

Word of caution

This market requires a LOT of capital. If you have less than 1 million gold you should not get into this at all yet. I have spent 4.2 million gold buying BoEs over the last 30 days. I have only made 2.7 million gold in sales. The rest are posted on the AH for 5.8 million in total.

As you can see it will require you to spend a lot of gold before you get profitable. It will take a while to build inventory as well, which is why I think 1 million is a good point to start looking for BoEs. It will take a while to get sales, but you should have enough income to regularly be able to look for deals.

High Risk

This market is also potentially very high risk. I have already made mistakes costing me 200k on a single item in BfA. If you buy something that just isn’t in demand you can lose a substantial amount of gold.

If you feel uncomfortable risking large amounts of gold you can stick to the lower item level ones, but you are at risk of getting flooded with supply by farmers.

Ultimately you will have to be comfortable with the potential to lose significant amounts of gold in the short term if you want to enter this market.

My results

As I mentioned above I am still in the red on this market, but sales have REALLY picked up the last couple of weeks as those of you following my gold cap challenge will know!

Below are my largest sales from the TSM ledger.

BfA BoE sales

The BoEs in BfA

In BfA there are two categories of BoEs we are interested in, and the two categories have very different market mechanics.

One category is the BoEs that drop from Uldir, and the other is the BoEs that are random world drops. The Uldir BoEs will typically roll much higher item level, which means that only the highest item level drops have value in this category.

Typical ranges for item levels are:

  • Uldir: 370-395
  • World Drops: 350-370

Shopping using search strings

There are a ton of different variations of the BoEs as there are a lot of combinations of items. This was also the case in Legion. This means that it is not efficient to use groups and shopping operations to look for deals, as there are just too many different variations available.  A group based scan would never be complete, or it would be incredibly slow.

Instead I use a search string that only looks for BoEs.

In BfA I use two different strings, one to look for mostly Uldir BoEs and one to mostly look for World drops.

Setting the market value source

To evaluate whether or not an item is a good deal I have set the market value price source to dbregionmarketavg. This is also the source I mainly use when posting my items.

I generally prefer to buy items that are 60% of region market value or lower. You set this under Settings -> Shopping/Sniper as shown in the screenshot below.

TSM4 Shopping Settings

Uldir BoEs

For Uldir BoEs I personally like to focus on items that are item level 375 or higher. To look for deals I enter the search string:


This will usually mostly just show the Uldir BoEs, with a smattering of very highly rolled world drops.

I am looking for items that are underpriced compared to other versions at the same item level, or under priced compared to the region price if there’s just one item.

In the screenshot below you can see a results page. Here there were no deals at all sadly. The i385 reinforced test subject bracers were posted at 80% dbregionmarket, which is my minimum price when posting. So there were no deals to be found here.

No Good Deals for Uldir BoEs

World drop BoEs

To search for world drop BoEs I use the string /Epic/120/i340

This will show all epics above item level 340, which obviously includes all the Uldir BoEs. When I do this search I generally ignore the Uldir BoEs that you can find in this group. It’s just 8 BoEs and they have similar names, so they are easy to skip manually when looking through the list.

The screenshot below shows parts of the results page. The Ameelton’s are all priced low relative to the region price, but there are three of them which makes them a bit risky. You can see I’ve put in a bid on one of them that had a low bid price. 350s are quite abundant, so I will not take the risk of buying them all out. Generally I will prefer looking at the items with less than 60% in the max price column.

Possible Deal on an Ameelton's Shot-Thrower

This Extra-Light Light Emitting cord is an example of a great deal! It’s less than half of the region market price and it’s item level 355, which makes it more valuable.

Great deal for a Light Emitting Cord

All of the 350s are at 100k, so it should be EASY to move this in the 350k range.

Posting the auctions

When posting them we will use the same settings I used for posting BoEs in Legion. All the price thresholds are based on the region market value. I use a minimum price of 80%, normal price at 125% and max price of 300%. I have removed avgbuy from the formulas, as you will have to sell at a loss if an item moves down in price. You can’t expect to restock at cheaper prices, and avgbuy does not always work correctly for BoEs.

The settings are in my pastebin here.

Happy hunting!

Keep in mind that it will take a while to build up inventory before you start generating great sales. This is the absolute best gold making market in terms of profitability, but it is not quick money, and it is risky.

If you are above 1 million gold, prepare for a lot of fun, and some HUGE mailboxes.

If you want to level up your gold making consider supporting my Patreon. 

8 thoughts on “The Gold-making End Game: Flipping BfA BoEs for profit

  1. Hey Lazy,

    Got several question on this market 🙂

    With 8.1 looming over us, I would think the BoE market should be tanking. The 370+ anyway. Who is it destined to?
    And will this market will be affected by 8.1, or should we soon reach a stability

    Apart from Uldir/Not Uldir BoE, do you have criteria to buy? Maybe only PvP BiS for 350 item?

    Technical issue : How do you modify your price source for basic search? Thought it was the source in “General Settings” but it doesnt do anything for me…


    1. Hey,

      I think 8.1 and the new raid are still far enough away that they shouldn’t stop you. Nighthold opened in January with Legion having a very similar launch date to BfA, so I expect it to still be a couple of months away.

      Obviously the market will be changing with the new raid, but I haven’t looked into the new ilvls and slots that are getting BoEs. If you feel uncomfortable you can of course stay away and enter it 1-2 weeks after Siege of Zuldazar drops to avoid the issue.

      I don’t have any other specific criteria.

      You modify the price source for basic search under “Shopping/Sniper” in the settings, not under general settings.

  2. Do you know how to get TSM to account for Item Level? I got a great deal on an iLvl 380 item, but there are a bunch of 350 iLvl items on the ah. I’m using Region Market Value, but TSM seems to be lumping all of the items together. Is there a way to make is see the 380 item by itself?

    1. If you add the variations to a group it will post each separately. It should be able to evaluate the value soureces separately, but it doesnt work for the inventory viewer. Outside of that it has worked well for me.

  3. Hey !

    Very nice guide thx very much ! Your blog is great and very understandable 🙂

    Quick one, how do we do a custom search ? I entered the search string in the shopping tab, under “Filters” but nothing happens 🙁

    Thx again !

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