World of Goldcraft Episode 7

Market progression is an important theme and in this episode of the World of Goldcraft I focus on what your goal should be and compare gold making to end-game progression.

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3 thoughts on “World of Goldcraft Episode 7

  1. I know this is an older podcast but just learned about your site. I have a question about the market diversifying which makes complete sense, but is there a way to track my sales and what not to know what market are doing best? I know I can just gauge based on what I’m having to repost but I would like to see numbers to so I can see profit margins per group to identify where it’s worthwhile and not. Great guides, made 30k flipping my first Boe after listening to you at work.

    1. Glad I could help you out! If you have tradeskillmaster it will record all your sales. You can find them under the ledger heading in the main TSM window. You can also export the accounting data to run some analysis if you are comfortable with Excel and have the tradeskillmaster application. If you don’t have an addon that tracks your sales it will be very hard to analyze though.

      1. Yes tsm is downloaded for sure, just was interested in looking for an efficient way to track sales and profits by group. Thanks for the info I will look into exporting the data further

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