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So, 10.1 is upon us and there are new recipes to get. We’ll take a look at one of the main sources of new recipes in 10.1: The Niffen barter system!

Get in early

As always getting new recipes early on is one of the absolute most important things to do if you want to make gold in a new patch. Being the first to market will get you some outsized potential profits. So this is one of the most important things to optimize.

The barter bricks!

Barter Bricks are a new currency item that you trade to Ponzo in Loamm in the new zone. These are VERY important as they both give access to recipes as well as new +10 knowledge tomes. The actual Barter Bricks drop a variety of sources in the new zone, with the most important being treasures and the dig system you get access to after doing Ponzo’s quests. There are also some related renown awards, with the most important being barter boulders which you can obtain from renown 3.

Get bricks, then buy recipes

To get the recipes you need Ponzo’s Cream or Glimmerogg Timeshare Voucher. Both are sold by Ponzo, so you simply trade for the necessary intermediate materials from him. The actual recipe vendors are spread all around the central building in Loamm.

The best recipes

The #1 recipe to work towards is of course the Dracothyst Transmute I covered last week. It requires Ponzo’s Cream. Other Important recipes include new cosmetic glyphs for inscription, a new mastery weapon fauna rune and the new vantus rune, as well as the contract for Loamm Niffen.

Leatherworkers can get 2 new epic gear pieces as well as a new leg enchant and Blacksmiths get a new belt clasp that adds stamina to belts as well as the new alloy. Tailoring gets some optional reagents to add PvP-focused embellishments to gear which also have some potential.

There are some good ones here.

There are definitely some very strong recipes here, so being efficient with farming Barter Bricks is key. I have not seen any optimized farming guides, and not had time to work any out myself either, but doing this well can net you a lot of profit.

Good luck!

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