Utilizing the ink trader

Today I will talk about the ink trader and the opportunities provided by it. 

What is the ink trader?

There are actually several ink traders in the game and they will all allow you to trade roseate pigment for old inks. This is of course mainly useful for scribes that want to minimize their crafting cost, in cases where roseate pigment, or the Legion herbs is cheaper than the old world inks, the pigments or the herbs you need to mill. 

It can also make sense if you want to save time as just buying up a ton of roseate pigment and then using TSM gathering will save you a lot of time. 

Where can you find the trader

Horde players can Find Sinzi Sparkscribe in Orgrimmar and Alliance players can find Sarana Damir in Stormwind. They are located by the respective cities inscription trainer. 

Main use case: Glyph crafting

The main recipes that use the various low level inks are glyphs. Glyphs generally sell fairly steadily at a low rate. I’ve had decent success reposting once a day when I was active in the market, and profit margins are quite good. Cancel scans will bring up your sales number, but it may not necessarily be worth your time. 

Secondary potential use case: selling the low level inks

You can potentially also use the trader to make gold from selling the lower level inks. This is a fairly small market though, and I expect that you will sell fairly few inks, but it can be a nice way to generate some extra gold. 

Using TSM gathering and the crafting queue

If you are using the trader for inks for glyph crafting I highly recommend using a crafting operation and TSM gathering to quickly buy the inks you need. Glyphs is the main market in the game where a crafting operation is pretty much essential as trying to mentally keep track of which glyphs you are running low on and what inks you need is way too much work. 

Below is a screenshot of my crafting operation for glyphs that will restock up to 20 of each. 


Restocking and gathering

Once you are ready to restock you open your crafting window and go to the group view. Then pick your glyph group and click “Restock selected groups” to fill your crafting queue. 


The next step is to open TSM gathering on the top right of your crafting pane. Choose the character and profession you want to restock. TSM will then add all the items you need to your task list and suggest the cheapest source. It may not be the trader, but either way you will have the amount of the various you inks easy at hand. As you can see from the screenshot below my crafting queue requires 9 ink of the sea and 15 Blackfallow inks and I can just shift right click the desired inks and type in the amount I want. 


The glyph market and TSM settings

For guide on the glyph market you can take a look at these two posts for Pre-Legion glyphsand post legion Glyphs. I’ve updated the TSM strings to TSM4 and they contain the crafting operation I showed above.

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2 thoughts on “Utilizing the ink trader

  1. With crafting operations, are there any ‘gotchas’ with crafted gear? I can’t seem to get a simple restock (min 2 max 10, no min profit) crafting operation to work on a group that contains a couple sinister items. Perhaps there’s something with the suffixes that’s throwing it off? (of the Aurora / Feverflare / etc)

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