World of Goldcraft 33: Gold making routines

In this episode I talk about the main things you need to focus on when making a gold making routine as well as why you should have a routine. 

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3 thoughts on “World of Goldcraft 33: Gold making routines

  1. Hey champ!
    I’m currently tied to my bed due to a broken collar bone. Thanks for all these podcasts! They really keep me sane through the evenings.

    The only thing I can really do on WoW now is one handed goldcraft-related tasks.

    I can’t seem to find a player for this one though (part 33)
    Not on my phone nor my laptop.
    Is it me or the website?

    Kind regards and thanks again,

    1. Right as I posted that – the player appeared.
      Disregard the part about the player 🙂 And thanks again.

      1. Awesome! Thank you so much for the good feedback, and I hope you have a swift recovery!

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