Zero to One Million Gold: Status Update #31

We’re at the end of my anniversary week and it’s back to my regularly scheduled Sunday status update on my Zero to one Million Challenge. I’ve had a blast writing a post today and I hope you enjoyed it to. As mentioned in my first post this week I will have a regular blogging schedule going forward. I will post three times a week. Posts will come out on Monday, Thursday and Sunday based on the following general guidelines:

  • Monday: Goblin Mindset, community spotlight
  • Thursday: Market guides, TSM settings, applied gold making
  • Sundays: Zero to One Million challenge, market analysis, sales analysis

The winner of the give-away has also been drawn and contacted by e-mail. I won’t post his info here, but make sure you check your spam folders in case the e-mail is lost.

You can find the original post here and my earlier updates here.

The Rules

  • Fresh server (Twilight’s Hammer EU)
  • No transfered battlepets
  • No transfered gold
  • One account only
  • Get to One Million Gold


  • /played since last update: 8 hours
  • /played total: 6 days 10 hours
  • Level: 110
  • Total gold:  615 206 gold
  • Total AH value: 2 791 322 gold
  • Total gold Acquired: 5 567 596 gold
  • Total gold spent: 4 952 390 Gold

What did I do?

Another week and another liquid gold peak! I passed 600k this week. The challenge is progressing very well. I added the dalaran vendor cooking materials to my arsenal this week. Outside of that I have kept on top of all my regular markets, Boe Flipping, material flipping, enchanting and jewelcrafting. I have startet stocking obliterum in greater quantities through cheap epic gems, which works very well.

My liquid has gone up a lot as I didn’t spend the weekend restocking. As we can see i totalled about 1 million gold in sales this week as well, but I spent way less gold. I actually managed to do what I hoped to do last week, slow down my purchases so my liquid could grow.

I can almost taste the finish line!

TSM sales


BoEs continue to be a large part of my revenues. As you can see from the list I have sold a lot of pricy level 110 BoEs this week. They generally turn around quite fast. Outside of that my main sales are in the material markets. I moved almost all of my Fjarnskaggle and it has definetly given me a real bump. Empyrial crowns also remain a good source of gold.

If we look at other volume markets I have sold a lot of enchants and epic gems this week. I have not kept them perfectly in stock, but sales are nice and steady for both as you can see below:


The resale summary below shows some very fun results. You can see that some of the legion vendor cooking materials have made it onto the list. 2270% resale profit on Stonedark snails is pretty hilarious. The Fel-Flecked grips are also a very nice addition to my sales with a 230% resale profit margin.



My inventory is slightly down this week as I have not kept up with investing. That being said my liquid gold has increased by about 3 times the loss in inventory value so it looks like I’m doing pretty great.

I finally got the rank 3 recipe for Azshari Salad so I can start moving my Runescale Koi with cooking as well, which should help me get rid of it slightly faster!

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