WoW Markets today and a one year retrospective

We’re closing in on the end of my anniversary week. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my posts this week, it’s definetly been a fun challenge to write one every day. Today we will be taking a look back on my year of blogging, highlight what I’m happiest about and take a look at how I view the current gold making landscape.

A year of blogging

What do I say after a year of blogging?

First of all a massive THANK YOU to all of my readers and viewers.

It’s been amazing to hear from all of you. I know a lot of players have made the leap into gold making using my guides and I’m really happy I could help you out.

The highlights

The obvious highlight for me is of course my spreadsheets. I finally managed to finish them in terms of including all professions this year. I’m really proud of it and it has turned into a useful tool for a lot of gold makers.

My second highlight is the Legion Total Gold guide I wrote. It’s featured on the woweconomy subreddit and it includes all of the macro level knowledge I have on gold making. For people starting out or looking for their next market to break into it is a great resource.

Richer than I’ve ever been

I hit my first single realm gold cap this expansion and I am currently holding over 12 million gold, while paying for two accounts on EU using tokens. Not sure if I expected being this rich when I started out, but Legion has been a great time to make gold! Markets are ripe for finding ways to make gold!

The state of gold making

If you read my earliest posts they were on Jewelcrafting and Enchanting. Those are the professions I had on my main and they were my main markets. A year after they are still holding strong as two of the best crafting professions for making gold, especially with Legion content. I am still using the same enchanting settings in TSM as i published in October last year.

For JC the focus has shifted from felslate and rare gems to Empyrium and the new epic gems, but the profession remains very viable. Enchanting has not had any meaningful changes but the profession is naturally great for making gold as enchants are always in demand. The enchanting obliterum shuffle is not particularly useful at the moment, but the rest of the profession is exactly as relevant as it was when I started writing.


I cannot write about the state of Legion gold making without mentioning the major wealth generator this expansion: BoE flipping. In particular the 101 market for twinking. This is the major market for large scale goblins. The main change in my routine since the start of my blogging is the fact that I currently flip BoEs on 7 different realms.


Crafting markets remain good. The 850 gear still sells pretty well in my experience. In addition you can usually sell the new 885 gear from Argus for decent profits. My suggestion is to keep as much as possible stocked to make sure you can reap the profits.

The consumable markets remain good, although they are currently in a bit of a lull as we are at the end of the Tomb of Sargeras raid. I expect alchemy, cooking and enchanting to see a sizeable bump once Antorus releases.

Old world markets

Luxury mounts are great at the moment. As there is a content lull at max level people are spending more gold on luxury cosmetic items. This is a great time to farm the Vial of the Sands recipe or start stocking panthers.

In addition there are several good old expansion transmog markets. Blacksmithing is the best one usually, but check out my post on crafted transmog.


Gold making is as usual in a good spot. The main change since the start of the expansion is in jewelcrafting where Empyrium is king. Outside of that I find that all of the markets I have written about are still relevant.

Flipping has remained super strong throughout the expansion, although we may be closing in on the end. I don’t expect people to gear twinks when the next expansion is upon us.

If you are new to gold making check out my total gold guide and get into the swing with whatever professions you have available. The most important thing is always to get started. Optimizing happens after you get your start.

The future

As I mentioned in my post on Monday I will be going to a new regular blogging schedule with three posts a week. In addition I will be streaming regularly on Thursdays, and usually one other day a week at least as time permits.

Make sure you send me your questions on gold making either through the comments, on discord or on twitter.

Thanks for the first year! It’s been awesome


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