How is Jewelcrafting doing currently?

I wrote up my first posts on gold-making back in October on jewelcrafting. At the time I made the majority of my gold from mass prospecting. Mass prospecting is not particularily profitable any more however so we need to find some other avenues for making gold with jewelcrafting. I’ll go through the current prospecting situation on my server, and then go into my main profit source at the moment: 815 rings.

I still also keep as many Saber’s Eyes stocked as I have bloods for as they are still quite profitable. Outside of that I have not found much value in Jewelcrafting lately.


Prospecting can still be profitable, but it is way less so than it used to be. In October I used to mass prospect and just sell raw gems. I don’t think this is particularily viable at the moment, and with 7.2 bringing flying I expect prices to fall. I can make about 3-4g profit per ore from prospecting at the moment on my server, which certainly isnt zero, but unloading stock is slow. Especially the uncommon gems. If you ore-weave to only use felslate for green gems you can double or triple the value per felslate prospect however, so if you like tons of clicking, do check it out! Umren has a great video on how you do it.


Selling 815 Rings

In general I have had great success with crafted item level 815 gear from Tailoring and Leatherworking. Because of this I have changed my JC crafting into primarily crafting the item level 815 rings. My record with the rings is also very good. People are willing to pay a nice premium to get rings with the perfect combination of stats.

We can easily see that sales are good, and rising the last week as I restocked a ton of rings. Rings usually sell for about 2-3 times crafting cost so profit margins are awesome, just as for the other 815 gear I stock. The best variants can sell for 5+ times crafting. Just look at the Dawnlight Band of Feverflare below.

Keep in mind that the sale rate varies quite a bit between the various variants. I have sold all variants of all the rings, but the sell rate definetly varies. My profit margins are high enough that I dont mind absorbing losses on the less profitable combinations, but you might be more inclined to avoid this risk.

Sourcing materials

All the Rings are crafted using only rare Legion gems. The Rank 3 recipes take 3 of the main gem (Shadowruby for Shadowruby bands etc.) 1 other gem and 1 Pandemonite. In general Pandemonite will be way more expensive to get than the other ones and the main hurdle to crafting profitably. I just buy mine from the auction house as I am too lazy to ore weave. If you are willing to do that you can source a lot of pandemonite for very low prices however. In general I find that I make a good profit even if I just buy all the gems from the Auction house, and it saves me time. So I stick with just purchasing the gems.

TSM Settings

I am still using my original TSM settings for JC Rings. They set the minimum price at crafting+1000 gold and I get great sales above this.

You can find my Jewelcrafting settings, as well as all my other published TSM settings in my pastebin.


Happy hunting!

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