The Advantages of Being a Goblin on multiple realms

As most of you know I am active on several realms. In fact I just hit 1 million gold on my sixth realm recently! Being a goblin on multiple realms will both give you a large benefit and it is immensely fun.

Should you start on a second realm?

This is the disclaimer part of this post. Playing on multiple realms is not necessary to get rich. If you are just starting out then I would suggest sticking to one realm until you feel comfortable with the basics of gold making.

If you are in the 500k or above range I think starting a second realm can make a lot of sense.

Why multi realm operations make sense: The Pareto Principle

The Pareto principle (or the 80/20 rule) states that 80 % of the results come from 20% of the activities. It is not strictly speaking true, but similar mechanics are active in a lot of different domains. The other way you can look at this is the law of diminishing returns. Generally speaking as you get better at something it requires more work to get better results.

If we apply this to gold making in WoW the basic principles is that at some point your time will be better spent starting a new operation on a separate level than to spend more time on your current one. This is likely true regardless of how much time you have to play the game.

Why is another realm better regardless of time available?

The answer is quite simple. You can of course always spend more time on your main realm scanning for deals or doing cancel scans. But eventually you will have bought out all of the good deals currently on the auction house. This means that eventually you can either spend time cancel-scanning and reposting on the same realm or you can spend time shopping and posting auctions on a separate realm.

If you go the second realm route you will be able to post MORE auctions at once. If we assume that you sell roughly the same percentage of your auctions every time you repost it is obvious that having more auctions is better (obviously not true if you post ridiculous auctions, but let’s disregard that).

A second realm will double your gold making potential

This is not strictly speaking true, but it’s a useful statement to believe. At the very least having more realms will give you access to way more customers.

The value of gold on another realm

When Blizzard added the ability to turn tokens into balance they massively increased the value of having a multi realm operation. You can buy tokens on any realm and they will be credited to the same account. This means you don’t even have to move the gold back to use it. You can then eventually fund your tokens from off-realms and spend your main realm gold on mounts, rare cosmetics or whatever else you fancy.

You can do this even if you only have a low level bank alt for flipping on the other realm.

Getting started

You have two main options for getting started on a new realm. You can either roll a character there and level to max or just get a bank alt. Having a max level character is an advantage, but you can get most of the value from a second realm with just a bank alt. I only have level 110 characters on 2 of my 6 realms. If you decide on leveling on the second realm my zero to one million series should give you plenty of ideas to get started. If you just want to start flipping you can utilize battle pets to get started. These can be transfered between realms using the pet journal allowing you to very quickly get started on the second realm.

Battle pet transfering

You should not start a second realm if you are not established on your main because it requires a decent bit of capital. You need to spend a real amount of gold on battle pets to get started. You can’t expect your first one to sell unless you sell it for a loss. The easiest way is to buy a lot of pets and transfer them all to ensure that at least one of them sells.

Intrigued? Tune in on Thursday!

My Thursday post will be a more in depth guide on what you need to do to get started flipping on a Second realm! If you want to take your gold making to the next level you definetly need to tune in!

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