How to get started on a second realm!

Today we will follow up on my Monday post and dive into exactly how you get started with a second character for flipping.

Who is this for?

As I said on Monday this is for goblins with a bit of experience. You need to invest a decent amount of gold from your main server to get started. You need at least 100 000 gold available to invest and preferably more to get enough capital on your new realm. So if you have less than 500k just focus on one realm for now.

The goal

The goal is to get established with a character you can use for lipping on a new realm. Long term this should be able to provide you with gold for tokens. On a short time frame you want enough gold to get into some high-end flipping markets like BoEs. We are only interested in flipping markets though, so no crafting or 110 characters needed.

Starting capital

To get a flipping operation started you need capital. You have to be able to buy items when they are cheap. Luckily there is one item type that can be transferred between realms: Battle pets

Using the pet journal (shift+p) you can cage pets you bought on any realm.

The basic idea is pretty simple. Buy pets on your main realm, put them in your journal, cage them on your new realm and sell them. This will get you the money you need to start flipping materials, BoEs, Transmog or whatever else you want to dive into.

TSM settings

I have tailored my battle pet operation for this specific scenario. The group was made by Sheyrah (original settings here) but with my own operations. These operations are tailor made for getting starting capital, not for wide scale battle pet flipping. I set the maximum shopping price to 30% region market value and minimum price to 50% region market. We want to buy the pets as far below market as possible to ensure that we can sell them cheaply and quickly. The goal is to get starting capital fast so we can put it into other, faster markets.

The step by step to getting started:

Find a realm

This step should not be overanalyzed.

Just pick one.

I prefer RP realms as it seems some cosmetic items have better markets there, but your mileage may vary.

Create a character

You might want to pick a none gold related name, as there is some merit to the idea that people would prefer to buy from average joe player rather than Mr. Super Rich Goblin. I personally don’t but anything will work.

Level your character to level 10

This is quite important actually. Once your character hits 10 it gets added to the armory and you can get it restored if something goes wrong. We don’t want to lose our hard earned gold.

Buy pets

Now it’s time to get started. Using my settings you should try to spend somewhere in the 70-100k range. Your server might be bad relative to region market though. Depending on how your results page look you might need to increase your maximum price. In the worst case you can buy pets for more than 50%, but we don’t want to increase our selling price. You might have to take a loss getting started, but posting auctions in the beginning is annoying as you have very limited gold and inventory space so you need a fast sale.

On the scan above I would prioritize the pets that are above 149 gold. Buying one each of all the pets from the Bound Stream and down is a very good idea.

Getting the gold to post auctions.

Posting a pet for 48 hours costs you one silver in deposit. If you leveled to 10 you should have some silver available to get started. You can also use the class trials to create a level 100 test character. Once you finish the intro trial and the broken shore scenario you can mail yourself the 10 gold the class trial character starts with. This will get you the money to post a ton of pet auctions.

Post your pets

Then it’s just time to repost until stuff sells. The following macro will allow you to cage pets with a single click. Just hover over a pet in your pet journal and click the macro and you will cage pets. This is pretty much a necessity to expedite this process and not go crazy.

/run C_PetJournal.CagePetByID(GetMouseFocus().petID)

Looking forward

Once your pets sell you can start investing in new things to flip. I suggest going into materials first as they generally sell really fast. You should also get some bags so you can keep more inventory on you. If your pet sales were very successful you can start doing more pet scans. Remember that you can send pets both ways. I strongly suggest changing your setup if you want to do more large scale pet operations however. Then you want to rely on many auctions to extract good profits even if you buy at higher prices.

Good luck guys!

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7 thoughts on “How to get started on a second realm!

  1. this comes when u announce the donation page so its confirm when we donate we get your royal pet operations 🙂 cause im very interested on that, and thanks for this

    1. My full scale pet operations is the only TSM group I have not shared with anyone. And it will be available for patrons when my patreon goes live. So that’s definetly something to look forward to!

  2. An easier option for starter gold. The BoA Tabard, you lose about 150g value on the main server, but it will give you 30 or so gold. Plenty if all you are doing is listing those auctions.

  3. Hi, I was using your TSM settings for battle pets and encountered a small error. The Crusher which you buy for 1k gold at your garrison is in the group 7 Vendor pets (caged), which was using an operation Vendor pets (caged) with a normal price of 50 gold and a maximum price of 250 gold.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll update them when I get home from work.

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