Battle for Azeroth: Leatherworking Preview

Leatherworking is one of the armor professions in the game, and it is typically overshadowed by some of the more obvious gold makers.

Recipes and ranks

Once again we are still in the dark on how and where the recipes are obtained. As we get closer to launch there will likely be more updated information on this note.

What can Leatherworkers craft?

Leatherworking in BfA can craft the traditional leather and mail armor. In addition to this they get access to certain weapon and utility items. This is a nice step up from Legion where it was completely dependent on armor.

  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Utility items

This list only contains the items that can actually be traded as we are focused on the gold making aspects of the profession.


The staple of leatherworking is usually the various armors it can craft. With access to two different types of armor, and both level 111 and level 120 versions of both Leatherworkers have the widest array of armor crafts of any profession. It also targets a lot of very popular crafts with loads of players favoring leather classes.

As with other crafting professions I expect both the 111 and 120 items to sell. The 120 items should have a higher demand and the item level is a large step up from 119 gear, which means new 120s will have an incentive to invest at once. BilisOnyxias testing indicates that the level 111 bracers may be the most cost efficient way to generate Expulsom.


A completely new addition is BfA is the addition of crafted weapons for leatherworking. Leatherworkes get to craft various bows as well as a fist weapon. Bows are sadly only used by hunters, and thus have a limited market. The fist weapon has more potential being usable by a much wider variety of classes.

Just like the armor you can craft both level 111 and level 120 weapons. For weapons I think the lower level versions will sell at a much slower clip than the level 120 versions.

Utility Items

In BfA Leatherworkers gain access to several utility items. As usual the drums make an appearance giving groups without it access to Time Warp/Heroism/Bloodlust. These usually sell, even if the sale rate is not great, as they are only really useful for mythic+.

Leatherworkers can also craft a mount barding that prevents you from being dazed while mounted. This promises to be very useful and I expect it to sell well.

In addition to this Leatherworkers in BfA can craft Scuba gear. One item provides a 100% increase in swim speed and the other provides underwater breathing. Both are consumable. Depending on how much underwater content there is in BfA this can be very useful. I expect these to make some gold, even if they are less useful than what blacksmithing gets.

Overall Impression

Leatherworking is looking to be on par with blacksmithing for the most part. You get to armor types which balances against the much worse roster of craftable weapons. I expect both weapons and armor to be the main money makers here.

The utility items are a bit of a mixed bag and it depends on what kind of content players will focus on. I expect them to sell, but they are not on the level of power increasing consumable like flasks and enchants.

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4 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth: Leatherworking Preview

  1. I find it hard to believe a few days before launch “we are still in the dark” about how to learn these recipes– at least the rank 1 versions. Pretty sure rank 1s come from the profession trainer in the BfA faction capitals.

    1. I was talking about rank 3s. Most of them do not have any information on the source in the data available on Wowhead at least. Rank 1s will presumable be unlocked by the trainers or profession quests if that system is kept in BfA.

      I assume the rank 3s will be gated behind a mix of reputations, quest lines and drop, but there’s very little definite data on the actual sources of the rank 3s that’s publicly available and I have not had time to do any extensive testing on the beta realms.

  2. Skinning with LW is helping with Expulsim via the shredder, esp as scales are v easy to come by. Oddly it is blood soaked bones that look like being a limiting factor in production and prices are high.
    Early days im looking for a min of 10k per explusom on an item of weaponry/armor that includes them. Also had a bow create at 310 ilvl 😉

    1. I’m struggling getting enough bones to get expulsom as well. Although I’m using it for darkmoon cards primarily.

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