Battle for Azeroth: Tailoring Preview

Tailoring is as usual focused on making cloth armor. Tailors do not get access to weapon crafts, but they get the unique benefit of getting access to crafting bags.

Recipes and ranks

Once again we are still in the dark on how and where the recipes are obtained. As we get closer to launch there will likely be more updated information on this note.

What can Tailors craft?

Tailors in BfA can craft armor, cloaks, bags, battle flags, some utility items and a new battle pet. Most of these crafts are tried and true tailoring crafts and there are no major new crafts here.

  • Armor
  • Cloaks
  • Bags
  • Battle Flags
  • Utility items
  • Battle Pets

This list only contains the items that can actually be traded as we are focused on the gold making aspects of the profession.


Tailors get access to crafting cloth armor again in BfA. As with the other crafting professions they get access to both level 111 and level 120 armor. I expect the level 120 armor to be much higher in demand as players are always more willing to spend gold on end-game performance than anything else.

The level 111 crafts can be great for stuff like shuffles, particularly the enchanting shuffles. [url=]BilisOnyxias testing[/url] indicates that the level 111 bracers may be competitive with leatherworking bracers, but it depends on the relative demand for materials.


In addition to the cloth armor tailors can craft cloaks that are used by all classes. As with the other wearable items there are both level 120 and level 111 cloaks. The cloaks can have some pretty cool suffixes including preventing you from getting dazed while on foot and reducing fall damage.

Cloaks are great for gold making as they are used by every spec, which means that the entire server is your market. As usual the level 120 versions will be higher in demand as they are more useful in the end-game. Some of the level 111s will ikely be very in demand if they are useful while leveling, so that’s definitely something to keep an eye on.


Bags are useful for everyone. In BfA tailors can craft two new bags, a 30 slot bag and a 32 slot bag. I expect both to sell well. The 30 slot bag will probably have a large impact on the hexweave bag market as they are equal and will have to be in some form of equilibrium.

The new 32 slot bags will obviously be greatly in demand as it will be the largest bag available in the game. It will be very interesting to see how hard it is to craft. It requires the new BoP material that only drops from dungeons, so you will need to do some dungeons to actually craft them. This means it is a real advantage to have tailoring on your main.

Battle Flags

The battle flags are a new type of consumable item added in BfA. When deployed they give a buff in an area to you and anyone in your raid or party. Sadly they cannot be used in any instanced content at all (raids, dungeons, arenas, battlegrounds). I think that pretty much makes them completely useless and I do not see a large number of players lugging these around for world quests. I don’t think these items will be a factor at all for gold making.

Utility Items

In addition to the battle flags tailors get access to one other set of utility consumables. They can craft two kinds of nets. One that roots the target and one that slows it. I don’t see these being super useful, although some world PvPers may want to take these with them. Compared to consumables that give you mount benefits these seem quite underwhelming, and I doubt they will have a thriving market.

Battle Pets

Tailors in BfA can craft a new battle pet. Crafted battle pets will usually sell, even if they are seldom very high in demand. The battle pet market for anyone battle pet is never particularly strong. I definitely think it will be profitable, but I doubt the sale rate will be particularly high and you will probably keep your pets posted for quite a while.

Overall Impression

Tailoring is looking weaker than the other two armor professions. It is particularly hurt by not having access to any weapons. The bags will sell, but the fact that you need to farm dungeons for the 32 slot bag is very disappointing, and makes the effective profit much lower.

The consumables are very lackluster as well. Overall I think tailoring is looking quite weak relative to the field. One thing that can propel it to greatness are the shuffles. If it is effective for shuffling enchanting materials or expulsom it will be an essential profession, but outside of that it is looking like one of the worst ones.

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