Can you make decent gold with enchanting in Cataclysm?

Today we will take a look at enchanting in Cataclysm classic.


The old classic shuffling other materials into items to disenchant is a staple of enchanting, and there are obviously shuffles in Cataclysm. As of right now the most profitable material to shuffle is the epic Maelstrom Crystals, they are still going for multiple thousands. There are some options to acquire these, with the engineering helmet requiring a chaos orb being a potential source, as well as any earthquake decks if you craft darkmoon cards. For the normal materials the best shuffles are the uncommon rings and pendants from jewelcrafting, requiring just 1 or 2 gems as well as a jeweler’s setting.

These can proc into rare versions that drop heavenly shards, and this can be a great way to increase the value of your gems if you are prospecting. If you are buying the gems I have a calculator to check the profitability based on wowhead rates for disenchanting and a rate of rares of 15%, which is what I’ve seen in my limited sample.

Lower level enchants

Lower level enchants have mostly been completely unprofitable so far, with the main reason being that they were crafted en masse to level professions. Prices are going up, with for instance the cheaper weapon enchants standing out as looking profitable. The main lower level BiS enchants are the ones in the screenshot below, and you should focus on them.

Max skill

At max skill you get access to a swathe of enchants, that are mostly very expensive as they all require maelstrom crystals. The weapon enchants will cost you 10 000 gold to unlock with current prices on my realm. I expect the AH sale rate is a little low still, as the cost of both recipes and the finished enchants are really high, but the potential is there.


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