The Lazy way or the hardcore way? Can both work for inscription gold farming?

Prices have normalized, and it’s time to take a look at how we can make gold with inscription in Cataclysm.


Inscription has two main approaches in my opinion: the hardcore way where you focus on crafting darkmoon cards. Here you need to spend a lot of time crafting cards. This is by far the best profit you can get with inscription, but it is very time consuming. For the lazy ones I would suggest stocking up 5-10 of each glyph and just repost those once a day. You will get consistent daily sales and only need to do one restock session every week or two, compared to multiple evenings a week crafting cards en masse.


Darkmoon decks are still a staple item, but prices are a lot lower. Now that the faire is in town every two weeks in stead of every 4 weeks prices should remain more steady. If you want to do this you need to put in consistent effort, I don’t think this is a great market unless you want to dedicate multiple multi-hour sessions per week. Which is what really works.


Glyphs are incredibly consistent sellers and herb prices have mostly normalized. Blackfallow ink is still not cheap enough to be good for ink swaps in most cases, so you are better off buying lower level herbs and milling those as needed .


The crafted relics are now finally showing some signs of life in the profit and sale rate departments, and with inferno ink prices down they actually make sense to craft. They are less fast selling than armor as they cover generally only one or two specs.

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