Here’s how you can play Wrath classic for free!

Today we’ll look at how we can make enough gold to buy a classic token in a month.

9000 gold

As of right now the token is 9000 gold in EU, which means you need to make an average of 300 gold per day to get a token in a month. The simplest solution is just to farm any relevant method for an hour a day, most farming spots that are reasonable should yield more than 300 gold a day. Now of course, you’re not on my videos to learn how to farm.


You can flip materials. It’s unlikely to yield a full 300 gold profit per day, at least starting out. Assuming a 20% profit margin on average you would have to buy and sell materials worth 1500 gold per day, which is on the high end.


Using crafting and an average profit of 25%, you would need to sell 1500 gold per day worth of items. Now some items have higher profit margins, as an example the epic rings and necklaces for Jewelcrafting are all selling for 500 gold profit, which is double the crafting cost right now.

The entry level pvp gear is also great, plate gear is showing profits from 50 to 100 gold. Assuming a 60 gold average we would need to sell 150 such pieces in a month. Over a period of 40 days around launch I sold 500 pieces of plate and frost PvP gear, not including leatherworking, so this is extremely feasible.

Combine for the easiest gold

As always combining multiple crafting markets is the absolute best approach. Log in once a day, go through your professions and craft what’s profitable and that you have run out of, eventually you’ll learn the right quantities. For specific guides you can check out this post on PvP gear, my favorite wrath crafting market.

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