Old expansion goldmaking

WoW is an incredibly large game. Every expansion has added items and the sheer quantity of items you can buy and sell is immense. There is a lot of value in old expansion items, so let’s take a look at the best ones.

Old expansion items generally only have cosmetic value

Blizzard has a clear policy that they want all power-relevant items at max level to come from the current expansion. This means that old expansion items will generally only be desireable for cosmetic reasons. Luckily most players also care about looking good and completing collections so there’s plenty of gold to make.


There are tons of spots to farm for transmog, battle pets, materials or mounts. For consistency you should prefer doing materials, if you like gambling you can farm for rare transmog in places like Ulduar and Ahn’Qiraj.

Crafted mount materials

Generally you will want to target materials used in the faster selling cosmetic recipes, which usually means mounts. The best items include Cataclysm herbs for Vial of the Sands, Ghost Iron Ore for Jewelcrafting panthers and BfA ore for ATVs (the ATVs sell incredibly fast still).


With crafting there are three main categories of relevant items. You can craft mounts, battle pets and transmog. I generally find that mounts sell way faster than the other two categories as more players seem to collect mounts.


Old world mounts are fantastic. The main mounts you may want to craft are:

Some of the recipes are harder to get than others, but all of these can sell well.


Crafted transmog includes almost every piece of armor and weaponry that can be crafted. Generally some items will have much higher desireability than others. I would suggest focusing on a smaller number of higher value items as otherwise this market will consume all your time on repost scans.

I generally prefer blacksmithing as they have access to the largest number of weapons, and weapons hit every armor type and class so the sale rate should be slightly better.

Everything contributes

Most of these items will sell slowly, but that also means the time requirement to keeping them in stock is low. You can craft as seldom as once a month and not lose to many sales, which is great from a time efficiency point of view. Some players even focus entirely on these markets and make a chunk of gold from doing that.

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