Old world material shuffles: Titansteel Bars

I have covered old world materials in several earlier posts, but the theme definitely deserves a more thorough treatment.. There are a lot of strong markets from older expansions. If you can get established in one of the material pipelines or shuffles you can make a substantial amount of gold.

Consistent demand is the key

For this to work it needs to be a material with consistent demand. A material will have demand if it used in recipes with strong demand. This can either be by being used in a lot of different recipes that still sell or by being used in one or two recipes with very high demand.

Living steel is a good example of both! It is used in all the various MoP crafted mounts as well as in several BoE transmog recipes. Demand is really strong and you can make a nice amount of gold by transmuting it.

Titansteel bars

Titansteel bars were the equivalent of Living steel in Wrath of the lich king. Miners could craft them through a daily cooldown. The cool down has since been lifted and you can now craft as many as you want.

What are they used for?

There is a decent demand for titansteel bars still. The primary use case is the crafted engineering chopper mount. This is a mount that still has strong demand and the expensive vendor materials pretty much guarantee that the price will remain high. In addition to the mout titansteel is used in a large number of blacksmithing recipes. Many of these are desirable for transmog purposes and they sell quite decently.

Breaking down the craft

The recipe for titansteel bars is very simple. It takes 3 Titanium bars and 1 each of Eternal Fire, Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow. All of these materials can be acquired in several different ways and there is a substantial potential to cut down the crafting cost if you source your mats cheaply.

Titanium bars

Titanium bars can be obtained in 3 different ways. You can buy finished bars from other players obviously. This is unlikely to be the cheapest auction on average, but you can find deals if someone severely misprices their stock. There are also two different ways you can craft the bars. You can buy titanium ore and smelt that. Two ores turn into one bar.

You can also use an alchemist to transmute saronite bars into Titanium bars. If you want to go super basic you can even buy the Saronite Ore, melt bars and then transmute those. This gives a large number of potential ways to get those bars.  To simplify this we want to use TSM. I have made a group that contains all the materials and shopping operations. The shopping operations set the maximum price based on how many you need per bar. The max price of titanium ore is 40% of the market value of titanium bars (I set the maximum price for bars to 80% dbmarket). To get the saronite bar and saronite ore max prices we divide by 6.7 and 13.4, respectively. This is based on the average yield from a transmutation specialized alchemist.


I have written an entire separate post on eternals. These can be bought from a vendor at a price of 60 gold if you are exalted with the relevant faction (otherwise they are 75). The TSM setup is simple. Maximum price is set to the lowest value of 60 gold and 80% of dbmarket. I included a similar setup for the crystallized versions that can be turned into full eternals at a 10:1 ratio.

Based on the current region market value of eternals sourcing these from the vendor will decrease the crafting cost of a titansteel bar by 55 gold. If you manage to monopolize the market that’s an extra 300 gold per day in profit, plus it’s faster than collecting mail.

Using the TSM setup

The TSM setup is incredibly simple. Just search for either the titanium or eternal groups. Then the items get sorted according to the maximum price and  you can purchase based on which methods you use and the price point.

The setup uses a custom orice called Titanium. It is set to the market value of a titanium bar: dbmarket(i:41163).

In the screenshot below the cheapest option is actually to buy the finished Titanium bars.

For Eternals the results will be as below. Here the cheapest option is to buy crystallized earth for the eternal earth. For the other two you would be better off buying frozen orbs from the vendor and trading them in for eternals.

Auctioning settings

We prefer to sell the titansteel bars in stacks of 1. Opportunity cost considerations lead to the conclusion that we want to use dbmarket values to value the materials as crafting inputs. This means we do not need to change the material value in crafting. I usually prefer at least a 20% profit margin on crafted goods so I suggest running 120% crafting as the minimum price. Normal and max prices can be set to 150% dbhistorical and 250% dbhistorical respectively. This ensures low sensitivity to short term changes and should give you very stable pricing settings.

Consumables are booming, so get into the supply chain!

This market should be holding up very well in the run up to BfA. Get involved, and start thinking about other markets were you can combine professions and vendors to cut crafting costs and make a killing!

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10 thoughts on “Old world material shuffles: Titansteel Bars

  1. Hey, I’m fairly new to TSM. I wanted to ask if and where to paste your “The TSM Setup” pastebin Information you provided with the guide. Will this Setup everything I Need to try your titansteel bar Shuffle? Like doing all the groups, the operations and so on? I’m confused on the “The max price of titanium ore is 40% of the market value of titanium bars (I set the maximum price for bars to 80% dbmarket). ” Statement, so it’s possible to set the Operation for buying titanium ore depending on the Price of titanium bars? Like set the buy Price depending on the Price of another item? That’s new for me. Would be very very nice if you could help me.

    Appreaciate your help and your blog. I recently started to read your methods and I already love them. 🙂

    1. Hey,

      Welcome to the blog!

      I have written about importing groups in some of my earlier posts. You need to create a new group in TSM. Then you paste the text from my pastebin into the Import/Export tab of your new group. That will set up all my operations as shown in the post. It only includes settings for shopping and auctioing so you will have to take care of mailing and crafting yourself.

      For the second question. One bar is equal to two ores. The maximum price I set for the bars is 80% market value. The maximum price for ores should be half that, which is 40% of the market value of bars. I use a custom price called titanium that I set equal to the market value of bars (forgot to include it at first, but it’s in the post now. You can do that by choosing the price source you want, then you add a parenthesis with an i followed by a colon and the item ID. You can easily find item ids on wowhead. It is the number in the adress bar when you are on an item page. For titanium bars it’s dbmarket(i:41163).

      Hope that explains it. You can also check out some TSM tutorials to get to grips with it. I suggest Sheyrahs videos.

      I’m on mobile now so s bit sparse on links, but hopefully this will get you in the right direction.

  2. You know what you need on here? Some buttons for sharing this post on social media. Found this super useful and I’d like to share it on my twitter ^^

    Going to go see if I can dig it out on your own feed 😛

  3. Hello. I’ve tried importing your TSM group for Titanstell bars from pastebin however there is an issue with it not putting any of the items into the groups or subgroups upon import. Is there a setting that I may have on that is messing this up?

    1. Most likely it’s the checkbox for whether or not you want to move items that are aleady in a group.

  4. Hello! I imported your operations and group for titansteel, but i have a problem and i cant figure its out what wrong. I made a custom price source called titanium, and i set custom price dbmarket(i:41163). When i do a post scan tsm
    says my minimum price (120% crafting) is invalid, check your settings. Any tips?

    1. That happens if you either cant melt the bars or TSM can’t calculate the crafting cost for some other reason. Try opening and closing your mining crafting window a couple of times.

      1. Im using the your groups with a different character and account, not with the one who is doing the melting/transmute things. How can i tell to tsm to know the crafting cost? For tirrilium bars, living steel etc i have crafting cost listed on my ah toon, but for titansteel i dont have for some reason. Doi i need to link them together or something?

        1. You need to sync your accounts in TSM. It will also usually be a bit slow in updating when you get a new recipe. I think the option is found under account sync in the main window of TSM

          1. I asked on discrod, and it seems like that account synciing is buggy with mining, so thats why my AH toon doest get the crafting values. Thanks!

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