Revisiting Legion Material flipping: New TSM setup

Lately I have been going much hard in the Legion Material Flipping market on my Zero to One Million challenge realm and I have learned a lot. The market is strong, but I have refined my approach quite a bit. In this post I will share some more detailed pointers to help you maximize your profits in the market.

If you are completely new to flipping materials I suggest reading up on my earlier posts. This post will build on my earlier posts, and it will not take it from the start.

My experience

Let’s take a look at my TSM resale percentages for the last week on my challenge realm. All of these are from the last seven days as I bought materials for about 150 000 gold on Tuesday. I have since been posting them with my new and improved settings. As you can see it has been very successful. Profit margins are above 33% across the board, which is very impressive.

Honestly, it has been quite wildly successful. Special shoutout to my massive Fjarnskaggl stockpile I got in tradechat for 68% of DBmarket.

You can see that I have been flipping literally all types of materials. This is very new for me as I used to stick to food and herbs.

Testing all materials

For purchasing I have not changed anything about my approach. I actually just decided to run shopping scans using my current operation with a max price of 80% dbmarket and I bought everything below the max price for all materials. I even tried my hand at flipping Unbroken claws and teeth, which is hilarious. This was mostly as an experiment, but with my new auctioning setup you can easily see that it has worked out. As such I will revise my material recommendation.

You should dabble in all of them!

You may want to start out with a max price of 70% dbmarket and adjust up, to ensure you don’t get stuck with anything.

New auctioning operations

This was the major change. Inspired by BilisOnyxia on the woweconomy discord server I decided to add several auctioning operations to post the materials in a bunch of different stack sizes. My material groups now have the maximum number of auctioning operations, which is five.

I post materials in stacks of 10, 20 , 50, 100 and 200. I will probably modify this once I figure out which stack sizes are best. Outside of the stack size it uses the exact same settings as my old flipping operation. You can easily see from the resale summary above that I have sold items in all of the various stack sizes.

Apply the lesson to your other markets

Using more than one auctioning operation is great for items that are usually bought in varying amounts. I have used it for obliterum with success before, and it is also great for food and potions if you craft a lot of them.

Make sure that people can overpay for the perfect stack size if they want to.

Laziness always wins.

TSM settings

The updated TSM group can be found in my pastebin here.

15 thoughts on “Revisiting Legion Material flipping: New TSM setup

  1. Its maybe stupid question,but how to import your TSM settings in my TSM addon?
    I dont rly know where to copy/paste this your settings :/
    P.S for groups i know where I need to paste,for all your settings i dont know how :/

    1. Hey Milosh,

      All TSM settings are imported using the group import/export window. If you have operations included in the group imported they are added as well. All of my groups include my operations. I have some groups that use custom prices, bu t that’s not a lot of them.

      I wrote about how to import groups at the end of my post on jewelcrafting:

      Hope that helps you!

  2. You might wanna remove the mailing operations before sharing it on pastebin. Several groups still have your alt mailing operations assigned.

  3. Hi, Many thanks for all your great content <3

    When you say that your large amount of stock will "fix itself over time," (I think it's actually in the other article) how will that happen exactly? I have large stocks of ores and herbs that i bought using your previous operations and they seem to just keep going up!

    I assume undercutting different stack sizes will help?

    1. Not sure what article that quote is from, so I’d have to look at the context. You can usually just lower your price slightly and stop buying for a while if you want to unload your inventory faster, so I’m not concerned even though my stock is going up too.

  4. Hi,

    so you are simply using % dbmarket for your flipping and it works fine? You dont use your own custom price formula to determine the value of the items? Right now, i am using ManKind´s custom price setting, but im not sure wether it shows me the real value or not.

    1. I just use dbmarket for flipping materials, no custom prices at all. It’s worked well on the 4 realms I have tested these settings on, so I am fairly confident it will work in the vast majority of cases.

  5. I’m trying to use your legion material flipping group settings in game, but it keeps telling me that the maximum price is invalid. What should I do?

    1. Hard to say without more information. Does it fail when posting or when you’re trying to shop for materials?

  6. First of all, thanks for making this. Any information found about setting up tsm helps a lot. I think I potentially found a logic hole in the shopping operation that came with this pastebin. I’ll try to explain with an example.

    Example item
    item market worth: 100 gold
    found on sale for: 60 gold

    shopping operation: min(80%dbmarket, avgbuy). (For max value percentage choose between dbmarket and your personal average buy, whichever is lower.)

    Lets say you never bought the example before. Thus you have no average buy. It will default to using 80% dbmarket.
    Example item should show up in your shopping list with its max value percentage at 75%(80% of 100g is 80g. 60g is 75% of 80g)

    You buy it, because you know this item sells reliably. you buy it at 60g gold and flip it for the 100g.
    At this moment, the system registers your first purchase of the item. It will do so at 60g gold and thus set your avg buy at 60g.

    So the next chance comes around and the same happens; the example item is again on sale for 60 gold. Its market value is still 100g.

    You’d expect the item to show up as 75% again right? But it won’t. Your shopping operation makes it choose the lowest of two values. this time the lowest value is 60g(because you bought it once at 60g, thus your average buy for this item is now 60g). So it will pop at 100% max value.

    Is this intentional? What purpose does this serve? If you constantly buy at 100% max value or lower, the avg buy will get lower and lower and lower. So you will end up missing great deals because once you do this enough it will list just about everything above 100% no matter what.

    1. Hey, I agree. I had the same thought when I helped someone import this last week. The group should be updated now where the avgbuy is not included in the shopping formula.

        1. I could, but I think I prefer not using avgbuy in the shopping price.

          You are of course free to make your own modifications.

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