Zero to One Million Gold: Status Update #28

Happy Sunday guys! If you haven’t heard I am now an official TSM Affiliate! If you have ever considered getting Premium to support the work they have been doing, make sure you check it out, it has some nice features such as automatic backups and region-wide notifications.

You can find the original post here and my earlier updates here.

The Rules

  • Fresh server (Twilight’s Hammer EU)
  • No transfered battlepets
  • No transfered gold
  • One account only
  • Get to One Million Gold


  • /played since last update: 7 hours
  • /played total: 5 days 2 hours
  • Level: 110
  • Total gold:  188 384 gold
  • Total AH value: 1 175 844 gold
  • Total gold Acquired: 2 425 977 gold
  • Total gold spent: 2 237 593 Gold

What did I do?

This week I hit exalted with Nightfallen. This means I now have 3 out of 4 rank 3 Ring enchant recipes. I promptly bought a lot of enchanting materials and started stocking all of them. I have also been working on Argus rep and Dreamweavers trying to hit the next break points.

I made over 600k in sales this week and my operation is rapidly speeding up. That’s a massive increase over the last week. I think we are getting closer and I am slowly diversifying even more for faster sales.

I have bought a ton of materials to flip this week and I still have a lot of it lying around. Epic gems and BoEs continue to go strong and I keep as many Empyrial crowns in Stock as I can.


TSM sales


I sorted my sales by auctions this week. I have sold a lot of tradeskill materials as you can see. I still have a lot of Runescale Koi Lying around, but I have moved a lot. Average profit on those is about 30%, netting me 12k in profit from the sales above.

I’ve also had some fun trying my hand at flipping Unbroken Tooth and Unbroken Claws. These super cheap materials have the opportunity for some massive resale profits, in relative terms. It won’t make you rich, but it’s super fun. I cleaned out my Auction house and posted it at 50s-1g50s in stacks of 200, 100 and 50.

As you can see from the resale summary below I had a 1800% return on the Unbroken Claws I sold

Pretty hilarious.


I have so many sales per week not that I am not even close to fitting them all on one page. Below you can see all my big ticket sales from the last week. The MVP is the 860 Cainen’s chestguard that I bought for 20 000 gold. Netting me 86 000 gold in pure profit. If you are not flipping 101 BoEs, you should! So go read my guide to learn how you can do it!


I am over 1 million gold in Inventory value now! That’s cool, but still a while until I hit the million in liquid. Some of my material stockpiles are making an entrance in my inventory list this week. I have been shopping Arkhana like a mad man to get into enchanting. I have also been buying cooking materials as fast as I can find them and the flipping is still great in this market.

BoEs, some Empyrial crowns and epic gems round out the rest of my inventory and these are probably my main markets.

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