Utilizing the WoW Armoury Mobile App

The World of Warcraft Armoury app is a great tool to increase your profits. By allowing you access to the Auction House at any time you can stay on the lookout for great deals. I’m going to share some of my tips on how to use it for best effect in this post.


How does the app work

Today we will only be focusing on the AH functionality of the app. The application allows you to buy auctions, post auctions and collect money for auctions that have sold. You can even re-post auctions that have expired, but you will only see the 50 most recent expires, just like in your in-game mailbox. The UI is a bit clunky, especially when posting as you can’t see the full AH when choosing your price, and it’s abit too many clicks for my taste. The purchasing UI on the other hand is very nice.

You are limited to a maximum of 200 auctions per day, either purchases or posting, so that limits the amount of use you can get out of it.

Another thing to note is that if you use it to collect auctions Tradeskillmaster will not capture the data, so you won’t get the sale tracked in accounting.

The app does not correctly track Item level for items that come with different versions, sadly.

This is obviously extremely useful

You can buy materials throughout the day if you are at work, just check your app when you have a break or some downtime, or during class breaks, at the pub or just from your couch.

The best use cases

Based on the limitations in how you can use the app I have identified the best use cases. Due to the item level display issue the app is not particularly useful for flipping BoEs. It is however very useful for buying materials you know the price for, for getting great deals based on notifications and for posting some types of auctions.

Buying materials

The ability to buy materials at any time can be very useful. If you are a large scale crafter in a market you will usually learn the price levels and can easily tell if prices are low or not. Chaos crystals are among the better options for in-app purchase. I suggest having a couple of materials that you regularly scan the auction house for when you have an opportunity to use the app.

Some example materials include:

  • Chaos Crystals
  • Arkhana
  • Leylight Shards
  • Starlight Rose
  • Empyrium
  • Dreamleaf

Great deals

There are several ways you can get great deal notifications from services outside the game. They use the Blizzard API to look for items that are underpriced. The tradeskillmaster website has a great deals section where you can see a list of items that are potentially underpriced. In addition you can use the Potential deals section at theunderminejournal.com.

In addition to these services you can setup e-mail notifications from tradeskillmaster.com based on your shopping operations. This only works if you have the desktop application, but you should have it already. You can use this to easily go check the AH and buy whenever prices are lower than your maxbuy to keep your own inventory high and deny it to your opposition. This is useful not only for current expansion mats, but to flip expensive old world items like Elixir of the Rapid Mind, Medallion of The Legion etc.

If you have TSM premium you can setup region wide alerts and get the Great Deals page automatically synced to a shopping string, which can be useful for some of you as well.

Posting auctions

You can also use the app to post auctions. Sadly the UI is quite bad as you can see above. You cannot see the current auctions and your price settings at the same time. And when you open the keyboard to look at the prices it gets even worse.

I suggest posting only simple stuff like tradeskill materials and cut gems. Things you can post in either 200 stacks or singles and easily figure out the right price for. I mostly use the app to keep my epic gems posted while I’m away from my computer, and it nets me some extra sales per day.

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