World of Goldcraft: Episode 11

In this episode I talk about what you can expect in terms of sales from various markets as well as what you should focus on so you keep progressing in the right direction.

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2 thoughts on “World of Goldcraft: Episode 11

  1. Hey, I’m a newbie gold maker that’s been helped a lot by your guides as I’ve gotten into playing the auction house this expansion. Flipping BfA materials has been a good start but recently almost all of the materials (herbs, fishes etc) that were giving me most of my profits have been completely flooded by what I believe is bots dumping stock (100+ stacks of 200) which is driving down the prices a lot. I’m unsure how to deal with this situation. Should I look to buy up a lot of cheap mats and hope the prices go back up eventually or just do what I can to find other markets?

    Thanks for all the help so far!

    1. It’s impossible to say what the best approach is. If it isn’t profitable I would stay away for a while. It doesn’t sound like you have the kind of gold or experience to go all in as there is a very real possibility that they have more stock and can dump materials for a long while. Try to find something you haven’t dived into yet and make some gold from that in the mean time!

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