Crafting orders or bust! The War Within Blacksmithing preview

The War Within is coming and it’s time to look at professions. For an overview of the changes to overall systems I’ll refer to my previous video.

No beta

I don’t have beta access, so this is based on wowhead recipe lists and profession trees.


The main thing to craft with Blacksmithing is gear, in particular max level gear with crafting orders. As in Dragonflight we are getting a full set of plate armor, as well as a variety of weapons. Being the most impactful slot weapons have been a good craft throughout Dragonflight, but we don’t know the balance in TWW yet. as with the other professions some of the items come with strong unique effects.

Profession Gear

BoP profession gear is also making a return. This is going to be very necessary as skill is huge in TWW. I expect these to see some good demand and be quite valuable if you can be bothered sourcing deals in trade.

Intermediate materials

Blacksmiths need to create the alloys for Blacksmithing crafts. As public orders require all materials again we should see strong demand from people looking to get their Blacksmithing gear crafted. You are competing in the region wide pool, so it all depends on how good your character is.


Weapon consumables are now also a blacksmithing endeavour with whetstones and weightstones. These will obviously be used by everyone and can be a nice market for profit. I did quite well with the weapon runes in Dragonflight at least.

Profession tree

The profession tree for blacksmithing is broadly similar to Dragonflight. There are some generic nodes, which includes buffs to ingenuity and resourcefulness, as well as trees for weapons and armor respectively. The weapon tree does have a little bit fewer nodes, but overall It’s roughly the same amount of knowledge to max out a recipe. As with other profession the end-nodes for one specific recipe have been massively buffed in terms of crafting skill, so maxing out final nodes is a lot more viable in TWW. Lastly there is a tree for utility items like the intermediate materials and profession equipment.


Ultimately you will spend a lot of time to max out multiple markets. If you just have one blacksmith you will have to pick one item type to focus on and leave the others, at least for a very long time.

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