Professions are looking the same, but different! TWW Gold making preview

The War Within is approaching and it’s time to cover the major changes to profession systems. Sadly I don’t have beta access so we will have to rely on Wowhead and other sources.

Inspiration is gone

Inspiration is gone and has been replaced with concentration. Concentration is essentially a rechargable resource that functions like Artisan’s mettle to guarantee max level crafts. THe cost depends on the skill you have, so more skill means you can get more max rank crafts per concentration.

Skill tree philosophy

Blizzard hasn’t changed their approach to skill trees too much. The armor trees for instance look much the same as they did in Dragonflight in terms of structure and number of points. The biggest change is the absolutely massive amount of extra + skill you get for a specific recipe type for maxing the final node. I expect this will play a huge role in the concentration economy.

Concentration = Daily cooldowns for everyone?

The way concentration works means that every profession is now effectively a daily cooldown based profession. At least in principle. It will be a long time until you can reach max skill with knowledge points, if it is even possible. This means getting more skill and concentration so you can craft more max quality stuff will be very valuable. The other way you get access to more concentration is through alts. Having profession alts looks like it could be VERY valuable, for every profession in the game. The top one is very hard to guess right now, but alts will be valuable.

Easier profits?

Concentration should hopefully mean a more stable profit for max quality crafts. You can guarantee a certain amount of crafts, and for those your profit should be less prone to min-maxing inspiration to break evne when selling q2 for a huge loss. We will see less quality 2 crafts done on purpose, so the economy might shake out with some more profit for quality 2, but that will depend on a lot of factors that I can’t even look at on wowhead.

Profession previews coming up

I’ll be covering profession previews going forwards, hopefully eventually with beta acces sso I can test stuff out, but without if necessary.

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