Guaranteed profit in 5 minutes a day! Alt Armies in Cataclysm!

Utilizing alts to make gold is one of the laziest methods to make gold, as soon as you’re finished with the initial setup.


The main reason why you want to have a lot of profession alt is in situations where you can do something that is limited by a cooldown. Since the dawn of WoW there have been profession recipes with a daily cooldown. As long as the items crafted by these recipes are sought after you are guaranteed to get a profit from doing it.

Let’s do the math in Cata!

Today we’ll take a look at how much you can make per day per alt at current prices in Cataclysm Classic! The main cooldon recipes in Cataclysm is the daily transmute from alchemy, as well as the weekly Dreamcloth cooldowns for tailoring. The average value per cooldown is summarized in the table below.

As we can see one alt with tailoring alchemy can generate a little over 200 gold per day for just logging in and doing your cooldowns. If you have two alts doing this you will at current prices be able to pay for a token a month.

The setup

This tool will allow you to dynamically calculate what it costs to level your profession to max. As of right now on my realm tailoring is incredibly expensive, making it almost irrelevant. at 19k gold to level it to max you are looking at an ungodly amount of time to make it back. Alchemy however is much more pleasant. At 1900 gold to level from 1 to 525 this is a lot more palatable, and if you do living elements you only need to go to 490. Here you will have paid off your investment within 10 days, and then it’s pure profit.

Is it worth it?

That’s up to you. It’s very low effort once you’ve done the setup, but if you don’t have any alts it will take a while. We can also most likely expect the profit to trend downwards, but it should not go to zero, and later phases my lead to a resurgence.

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