You don’t have to prospect all day to profit with Jewelcrafting!

Rings and necklaces are used by anyone, and with Jewelcrafting. There is a good mix of recipes, including some that are limited in distribution, which gives them some nice profits.

What jewelry can we craft

There’s two main types of jewelry we get to craft in Cataclysm, there’s Pvp items at item level 339 and PvE pieces at item level 346. Both are very relevant for gearing alts, depending on the purpose of the character.

PvP items: low profit, but easy to get

The PvP jewelry generally doesnt have too high profit margins. They are used to level your jewelcrafting to max, and this means that supply is relatively high compared to demand. On the other hand this does mean that these recipes are easy to acquire as you get them all from your profesion trainer.

PvE Rings: High value, low profit

The PvE rings however are a different story. These have a the same item level as heroic dungeon loot, making them very attractive as entry level gearing options. Unlike most other 346 pieces they do not require Chaos Orbs. This is a huge bonus, particularly if you have jewelcrafting on a pure crafting alt, like I have, allowing you to craft as many of these as you want without doing dungeons.

Recipe unlocking is time consuming

The only way to get the recipes for the item level 346 jewelry items is through the Jewelcrafter tokens. It requires 5 daily tokens to unlock one recipe. This means that competition per recipe is relatively low, which has kept prices and profits relatively high. The Brazen Elementium Medallion for instance, which I have the recipe for i selling for 1800 gold with about 300 gold profit. That’s fairly good at this point of the expansion, and depending on your realm this or other recipes may be even better.

Keep them moving

At this point just keep the tokens and the jewelry moving. Sale rates are steady for entry level gear, but not super spectacular. Depending on the recipe and time of day the prices can be better or worse, the same is true for your competition. My TSM setup below will help you craft and post these to the auction house.


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