It’s not that complex! TradeSkillMaster guide for Classic goldmaking!

I’ve been getting some comments lately on youtube asking about TradeSkillMaster and it has been some time since I’ve went into detail on it, so let’s do a quick dive. In this video we’ll cover the main functions that you should use in WoW Classic and how they work.

Finding out how much something is worth

The simplest thing you get from TradeSkillMaster is pricing information directly in your tooltip. You can customize it to show a lot of useful information including the crafting cost of various items you can craft, price trends and sale rates. In particular quickly identifying

Posting to the AH

The most powerful feature of TSM is the post feature. You set rules for items, and you can then click a single button to very quickly post all of your items to the Auction House. In classic the main options you can change are the pricing rules to set the minimum, maximum and normal price as well as the stack size and number of auctions. You can have multiple rule sets so you can post something like potions in multiple different stack sizes.

Sample operations

Below is first my general purpose stack of 1 operation, that I use for 90% of the items I sell in Cataclysm Classic. I mostly sell gear, gems and enchants, all of which you want to sell just 1 of at a time. the 120% crafting minimum price means that the item is posted for at least 20% more than the cost of materials. The other operation is one for selling compact harvester kits in Season of Discovery. This was used for supply box turn ins, where players needed two items, so the stack size is set to 2 so players can get the exact amount thei need in one click.


Another exceedingly useful feature set is for crafting items. TradeSkillMaster will show you the profit of your recipes in the profession Window. This will quickly let you figure out what recipes are worth crafting to sell. Now the next step is to use crafting operations. These are rulse for which items to craft and at what profit level. Any items that meets the rules will be added to the crafting queue, and you will get a shopping list for the necessary materials. This is very useful. An example would be entry level gear, where you would want to craft 1 or 2 of every item with enough profit margin. My crafting operation for Cata gear is shown below, and I use this for most of the items I sell.

That’s the basics

There’s a lot more to know, particularly when it comes to the intricacies of price sources, but for times in the expansion when prices have stabilized you can leave the rest of the settings at default. TSM also allows you to import rules, which means you can get all of my groups to quickly craft and post relevant items.

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