Phase 4 is coming! How do we make gold!?

Season of Discovery is getting close to the next phase rolling around, so let’s take a look at what we know from the PTR and Blizzard updates.

Swappable specializations

Leatherworking and Blacksmithing are now joining alchemy and engineering and getting the ability to swap your profession specialization. The choice is more varied for these professions, but as we will see with the new recipes this will have some real impact.

New recipes

Blizzard has teased dozens of upgraded endgame crafting recipes as well as some new ones. As of right now the stats on these seem mostly placeholder on PTR, so we will see when it rolls around. I do expect them to be very strong though, as the overall stat allocation in SoD is a lot better than what we had in real vanilla or even standard classic.

Some highlight recipes

Some of the more interesting recipes we see are various new epic crafted weapons like the Refined Arcanite Reaper, Sageblade of the Archmagus and Refined Hammer of the Titans. All of these are very strong and should see substantial demand.

Materials used

The most important recipes used in the new recipes are Arcanite bars, Mooncloth, Enchanted Leather and Enchanted Thorium Bar. Alongside these there’s a good mix of various max level crafting materials like Rugged Leather, Thorium Bars etc.

Arcanite transmutes and Mooncloth production should be very in demand early in the phase, so I would take advantage of these if possible.

Consumables are the same

With a new raid we should see consumable demand kick up again, particularly as Molten Core + world bosses will likely mean more raid hours on average. Ultimately we are not really getting any significant changes here. The main thing we could see going on is casters start using flasks as they can be crafted. For physical damage dealers they’ll be rocking the sappers, mongoose and Giants elixirs as they did in Phase 3.

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