Simple Gold Tips: Draenic Philosopher’s stone

Today we will look into another simple gold tips. This series focuses on simple gold making strategies with very low barriers to entry. They are easy to use, easy to understand and have very little risk. These methods will not make you rich, but they are valuable side streams of income. They are also great for getting your gold making started.

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The Draenic Philosopher’s stone is a trinket introduced in Warlords of Draenor. The trinket is not particularly in demand at the moment, but there is a neat little shuffle you can do with it. To get the recipe you first need to unlock draenor alchemy. You do that by purchasing A treatise on the Alchemy of Draenor. Using the scroll requires you to be at least level 90. There is no alchemy skill level requirement.

You will then learn the recipe for secrets of draenor alchemy. Craft one of those and you can then turn it in for the Draenic Philosopher’s stone recipe at the relevant vendor.

The shuffle

The method is a very simple vendor shuffle. You simply buy the needed materials, craft stones and then you sell them to a vendor. As lon as the purchase price of your materials is lower than the vendor price you will make a profit. Obviously you can’t guarantee that you can find materials, but when you do profit guaranteed. This method is also very good for leveling alchemy as you can usually turn a profit while leveling.


One Philosopher’s stone requires 5 Alchemical Catalysts and one True Iron Ore. You can either craft the alchemical catalysts yourself or you can purchase them from the auction house. If you craft them yourself you will be limited by the daily cooldown and or primal spirit.

The vendor value of one Draenic Philosopher’s stone is currently 21g22s62c. The EU median price of true iron ore at about 2g86s this means that the break even price for Alchemical catalysts is at about 3g67s. The EU median is at about 3g92s, so you will be able to find deals at profitable levels. Obviously you want to guarantee a decent profit, so you would prefer to set the max price a bit below that.


You can easily implement a TSM price that takes your actual True Iron Ore prices into account. I use a price based on the lowest of either DBmarket or your average purchase price. You can then set a minimum profit margin and automatically calculate the maximum shopping price.

You can find a TSM group for purchasing Alchemical catalysts in my pastebin here. It sets the minimum profit margin to 20%, you may want to increase it by changing the percentage.

Crafting catalysts

You can also craft catalysts. At maximum alchemy skill you will get 10 catalysts per daily cooldown. The daily cooldown costs you 20 frostweed and 10 blackrock ore. This means that you can very easily calculate the crafting cost of one catalyst as 2 frostweend and 1 blackrock ore. A simple rule of thumb is to buy frostweed and blackrock ore below 1 gold each.


This method requires you to do a lot of vendoring and crafting. You can substantially speed up stuff by using a macro to vendor all of your stones. I have used the following macro to vendor my stones. Be aware that it does not ask for any confirmation, it just starts vendoring your Philospher’s stones. It will not always empty your inventory if you have a lot of them, but just hit it again until you’ve vendored them all.

/run for bag = 0,4,1 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag), 1 do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); if name and string.find(name,”Draenic Philosopher’s Stone”) then UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end

Happy hunting!


6 thoughts on “Simple Gold Tips: Draenic Philosopher’s stone

  1. Hey buddy,
    Great info, thank you for the write up. There is a spelling error in your header “Shoppping”.

    Can’t wait to read through the resultant links.

  2. Wow..even this doesn’t make gold on my server. No true iron on the AH, frostweed is over 4g a piece, and blackrock is over 3g a piece.

  3. nice guide lazy i been a follower a long time ago keep the good work

    isnt better to use catalist to transmute to other sorcerous to earth one since this is needed to craft bags and draenor materials are almost none in the AH


    1. Hadn’t thought of that. That is likely going to be a good idea if your server is out of sorcerous earth.

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