Simple Gold Tips: Reselling Dalaran Vendor Cooking mats

It’s time for another entry in my simple gold tips series. This series is aimed at showing very simple low risk gold making opportunities that have very low requirements in all of the following areas:

  1. Capital
  2. Crafting level
  3. Time

For the previous entries you can check out my posts on the Embersilk shuffle, Goblin Glider Kits and Hexweave Bags.

Taking advantage of laziness

Today’s topic is one where we will take advantage of the fact that some people are extremely lazy. The dalaran cooking vendor sells materials that are needed in all of the Legion cooking recipes. This is the only source of these items. This is a fact that not everyone playing the game has noticed. In fact all of the materials have decent sales volumes on the Auction House for 4-10 times the price you have to pay at the vendor.

Apparently they just go on the AH and scan for the item they need. The tooltip even says that they can be bought from the dalaran cooking vendors.


Is there a market?

The materials all cost 50 silver per. Now the region average sale price for them all is way above 50 silver. I summarized the average sale prices on EU in the table below. The average sold per realm in EU ranges from 20 to 70, with Stonedark Snail being the biggest winner.

These prices are honestly pretty ridiculous considering the 50 silver Vendor price tag, but if people want to overpay to get their mats in Orgrimmar or Stormwind I will oblige them.

 Flaked sea salt  2g36s
 Dalapeno Pepper  3g5s
 Muskenbutter  2g91s
 River Onion  2g48s
 Royal Olive  3g6s
 Stonedark Snail  5g53s

Preliminary results

I have known about this for a while, but I haven’t actually tried it out. As you can see from the screenshot above I recently did try my hand at it. I bought the materials yesterday and as you can see I’ve already sold 10 Flaked Sea salt at 10 times the vendor price.

That means the sale of those 10 covered half the cost of the stack from the vendor!

For my first post round I used my Standard Legion material flipping operations, which honestly don’t work to well for this as the minimum price is too high. I am now posting with specialized Legion cooking mat operations and I’m expecting sales to go up.

Go get some materials

The cooking vendors can be found by Nomi, depending on whether you are Horde or Alliance just go the appropriately marked dot on the screenshot below.

I don’t know what the optimal amount is to keep on hand, but the materials are dirt cheap So I have bought 3 stacks of 200 of each. I will report back once I see how fast they move.

TSM settings

You can find my TSM settings in my pastebin. I use a very similar setup to my Legion material flipping groups. Stack sizes are 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200. I don’t have any experience with the market yet, but I expect I will remove the less useful stack sizes and focus on whichever sell more as I go.

The minimum price is set to 120% VendorBuy. This ensures that I get a 20% profit margin minimum. For this market the minimum price is unlikely to ever come into play, so you can set it higher if you want to ensure a higher profit margin. I doubt it will matter much. The operations are set up so they all inherit the settings from the one named “200 stacks cooking”. So if you change any settings on that one they will also be changed on all the other ones.


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