Analyzing the last 30 days

Today I will take a deep dive into TSM accounting. I have done this once before and I liked it quite a bit. I will look at which groups have been profitable, what I’ve been selling and what I’ve been buying. I’ve been sort of neglecting my main account a bit lately to focus on my Zero to One Million challenge, but this will be a useful exercise to follow along with and to look at what is actually doing well.

TSM summary

So let’s look at how the TSM summary looks below. The total data only goes back to June as that was when I reinstalled WoW and reset TSM last.

The total loss is quite big over this period, but I transferred about 5 million when I hit gold cap, so if we subtract that we can see the profit is about 2.4 million since June. Average profit the last 30 days is 26k and 104k for the last week! Probably because I haven’t been shopping this week.

We can also see my top seller in gold is the Vial of the Sands and my top expense is Chaos crystals, not surprising at all, as Vials sell really well and enchanting requires a large amount of crystals.

Gold graph

I took the 90 day graph so you can see the cliff I fell off when I bought tokens and transfered gold. The trend has been rising steadily since I spent all the gold, and you can see that outside of massive drops when I buy tokens the overall trend has been very positive.


Top sellers

As we can easily see here I have not been keeping up with stocking all of my markets. I have sold some food, but I have not been stocking it for quite some time. Enchants have been selling, but I have on average reposted less than once a day, so sales are quite low. The obvious positive here is the expensive mounts. 5 Ruby panthers, 4 Vial of the sands, 3 sapphire panthers and 2 Geosynchronous world spinners are all great numbers.

In general the main factor here is just my lack of bother to keep things in stock.

Above you can see the same list sorted by value. Once again it is dominated by expensive mounts with some BoEs making an appearance. I also have a good amount of crafted 850 gear and one darkmoon deck showing it’s face. I have for the most part not kept fully stocked on Darkmoon decks and I have only very recently started crafting them again.

The main takeaway here is that I need to more diligently keep the mounts in stock, and try to repost my other stuff more often.

Top buys

This is slightly sad reading. This is just my top buys for the last 30 days and the amounts are quite pitiful. As we can see I have mainly been buying materials for Vial of the sands. Outside of that I have been quite inactive. I have only bought 7 BoEs the last 30 days and insignificant amounts of most tradeskill materials (for my standard). There’s not much else to say about my buys here.

Main markets

Expensive mounts

We’ll start with the good, luxury mounts. We can quickly see from the summary below that most of my profits have been generated by this group. It does not include all the materials, but the vendor materials are covered by the expenses, with about 700k sent to my crafters to buy materials. The balance shows that this group is 21k out of the 26k I have earned per day on average for the last 30 days. I shudder to think how my operation would look without these. On the flip side I can drastically improve my profitability if I am a bit more diligent in crafting these as demand is fantastic.


We can see that I have made quite a bit of gold with enchanting lately, mostly because I have not been buying materials. Overall I have spent slightly more gold on enchanting materials than I have earned selling enchants. The reason is of course that I have also used enchanting to craft a large amount of Obliterum. If we add the sales of Obliterum shown below we can see that my all time profit from enchanting is about 6k gold per day, with the 2.5k profit per day the last 30 days we can assume that the res it mostly from Obliterum.

Obliterum has been very slow on my challenge realm lately and it does not seem to be picking up so I will focus less on enchanting going forward than I used too.

BoE Flipping

For the BoEs I disregarded the expenses as the are not particularly relevant. We can see that I have lost a slight bit of gold the last 30 days, but on average since I reset TSM in June I have made about 14k per day in 101 BoE flipping. Overall the group seems to be working well with my fire and forget settings. It looks like I am making the right decisions on average when I’m buying and I make my buying decisions by “eyeballing” prices.


I omitted the purchases portion for Leatherworking as I have mostly been surfing on a massive amount of leather I bought several months ago. My profits have been quite steady throughout the period with some variations in prices. Overall I am quite happy with this market, even if it is not too large.


We can see that Jewelcrafting has been quite good overall. Daily profits have been in the 9k range since I reset TSM, which is great. I have not dabbled in 7.3 Jewelcrafting on my main server at all so this is all rings, epic gems and some uncut gems. I am fairly certain the vast majority of my sales are the rings, which have had great profit margins throughout the entire expansion for me.


Honestly my markets are doing a lot better than I expected when I started out looking at it today. All of my main markets are profitable and most of them still have decent sales. Keeping my inventory well stocked should be my main concern as none of my markets have shown any signs of drying up completely (outside obliterum). I will have to try to spend some more time per week restocking items, especially 850 rings and the expensive mounts.


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