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Today’s post is inspired by one of the more active battle pet flippers. He goes by Vahdis on the woweconomy subreddit and discord server, or @RethRethReth on twitter.

He posted yet another impressive screenshot full of battle pet sales this week. Some people wondered what the secret sauce was and his answer is pretty great:

There is no great gold making secret

Honestly there isn’t. Now there are of course tons of fancy things you can do in TSM pricing strings, but they matter a hell of a lot less than activity.

Gold making boils down to:

  1. Find profitable activity
  2. Scale profitable activity
  3. Repeat

I’ve covered how you can look for new gold making opportunities before, so today we will look a bit closer on step 2. So let’s look at how you can scale the major gold making methods in the game.


This one is incredibly straightforward. The only way to scale is to spend more time farming. You find a spot or route you enjoy and spend more time farming it to increase your profits. The reason I don’t do farming is because the increase in profits is completely linear with time spent. As I’ve covered before crafting and flipping offer MUCH higher gold per hour opportunities.


There are several ways you can scale your crafting operations. The most obvious one is to add more crafting professions until you have all of them. You should also be branching out into more old world markets in the professions you have. After the initial TSM setup it takes very little work to restock a market and to keep posting it.

You can usually get away with restocking about every two weeks for most markets.

You can also scale your operation by shopping for materials more frequently to bring down your cost and build a nice stockpile.

Cancel scans will increase your sales and will also help scale your profit if you have the time.


In flipping markets the scaling part is simple. Run more frequent shopping scans and keep your stock posted. This is what Vahdis was commenting on. Buy more stuff, repost it for more gold. The larger the volume of items you can keep on the AH, the more gold you make. Just make sure you are buying your items at a low enough price point.

This is where TSM comes in. Setup operations that guarantee you a profit so you can just mindlessly buy all the auctions below your threshold. You can check out my material flipping operations, my pet battle string for getting started on a new realm or my BoE flipping operation to get an idea of how these operations can be set up.

Now go out there and make some gold!

Seriously. The only way to scale is to spend more time doing the profitable activities. This is of course why a second account is such a good investment. It allows you to run time consuming shopping scans and do mailbox collection while playing the game on your main account.


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