My favorite markets in WoW right now

Yesterday in the podcast I talked about competition and how I generally deal with it by just ignoring them and adding more markets to my empire. So to follow up on that I’m going to give my recommendations for markets that I think are good right now. This post will give a rundown of which¬† markets I like and in which order you could enter them if you are fairly new. I’ll also add some comments in how I think they may be impacted by 8.1 (which is coming next week!).

Starting out: Material flipping

This is one of the most stable markets in the game and it does not really rely on any gimmicks. This has been good pretty much forever. This is a great market for learning the Auction house. As I have outlined before I generally suggest starting out with one or two materials and then branching out into all of them. Eventually you will have so much gold that you can’t spend it all on cheap materials and it’s time to graduate.

My Crafting Favorite: Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing has been my favorite crafting profession overall so far in BfA. At this point you should not be crafting the honorable combatant gear, but go farm some marks of honor so you can get rank 3 recipes for the new Sinister Combatant gear coming in patch 8.1. The gear has sold really well for me so far, and I expect the increased item level gear to be even better.

Blacksmithing is also quite simple to get into as the recipes are not overly expensive and the turn around time is generally extremely fast.

Crafting for the rich: Inscription

Inscription has probably been the most profitable profession for me this expansion, solely due to the darkmoon decks. Demand might fall for these with the new gearing options coming in 8.1, so entering may be a bit risky. This market is also really annoying to deal with it as you require a ludicrous amount of expulsom and lots of herbs and inks to craft all the cards.

The capital requirement means that this is not something for complete newbies, but once you have material flipping and blacksmithing down it’s time to move on. I would also suggest waiting until we see how 8.1 shakes out before going all-in on crafting decks as you will have to craft a REALLY large number of cards.

More armor: Leatherworking and Tailoring

I think both of these will be great in 8.1 for the same reason I believe Blacksmithing will be good. I don’t have either at BfA levels yet, but item level 340 gear will be very useful for players and I expect it to sell well for all armor types.

As with Blacksmithing the main tip is to just farm up as many marks of honor as possible.

Consumables: Alchemy, enchanting and jewelcrafting

At this point these three are less interesting than the armor professions. None of these are getting anything remotely interesting in 8.1. The biggest change for alchemy is a reduction in herb costs which will drive prices down, so try to move your stock before 8.1 launches if you can. Jewelcrafting and enchanting will pretty much be completely untouched by the patch and will continue their downwards trend until the new raid opens in January.

The End-Game: BoE Flipping

This has been the best market in the game by far for me this expansion. That being said it requires a ton of gold, the ability to tune your own TSM settings and a healthy risk appetite to succeed in. As 8.1 will shake up the game quite a bit in terms of itemization I suggest staying out of this market for the time being, unless you’re already in.

Summing it up

As you can see I generally prefer material flipping and armor professions. I think these are in the best spot right now with the changes we know are coming in 8.1. Long term you should aim to be in all of these markets as more markets will generally always get you more gold.

Good luck!

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    1. I completely forgot about cooking. Midnight salmon will obviously go down, and I doubt we see a big change on the other materials, depends how popular the new feast becomes.

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