The last month of Legion: Tips on what to do

Do you feel lost at the moment when it comes to gold making. Does everything seem barren? Are you wondering if there even are any opportunities to make gold in the last month of Legion? If so this post is tailored for you. Today we will take a look at which markets make sense to enter now and why. It is geared to people new to gold making, so if you are a veteran and feel comfortable picking your own markets then this might not be for you.

Pre-Patch just hit!

The Battle for Azeroth Pre-patch just hit and this will have some implications on what players will be doing. We’ll list up some trends that are relevant in this final month below and then what that means in terms of specific advice for markets to enter.

  • A lot of players are re-subbing
  • Very few players are focusing on difficult end-game content
  • Players are readying their mains for BfA
  • Players are looking to finish off cosmetic content from Legion
  • Players have gold to spare
  • Players are leveling alts

This list will give us some great ideas about what to focus on.

What does this mean?

So let’s turn this into reality. I have written extensively on gold making methods both from Legion, and from old expansions. Based on the trends above there are several Legion markets that you should NOT enter at this time. It is essentially too late to make your money.

Markets that you should enter!

This is the best category of course. There are some markets that are great, and that will only to a limited degree be impacted by the launch of BfA. I’ll mark out some of these as SLOW markets. These are characterized by low sale rates, so you need a large volume of items to really make consistent sales.

  1. Bags and utility items: All the new alts and returning players need bags. A lot of players will also be stocking up on glider kits for the first part of BfA, where we won’t have flying. Get some bags on the AH if you can, and definitely get you engineer ready for gliders.
  2. Old world shuffles: Some of these have very high volumes. Shuffling gold into eternals and flipping Spirits of Harmony should not be impacted much by the launch of BfA. They are all used for various old world transmog and cosmetic crafts that are high in demand at the moment. In the long run they will retain value as well.
  3. Luxury mounts: Jewelcrafting panthers, Sky Golems, Choppers, Rockets etc. All of these usually sell well when players have a lot of gold, and little to do. These are capital intensive, but the launch of BfA should not really change the value of these at all.
  4. Old World Crafted transmog: SLOW, but still a decent market. There are so many different items you can craft. I have written on MoP crafted, WoD crafted gear and various other stuff. All these markets will retain value long term, and are in high demand at the moment.
  5. Glyphs: This market will remain viable for a long while, and this is the perfect time to stock up with Legion mats falling in price.
  6. Legion Crafted Armor: This market is still good, but only for a very short time. There are a lot of alts and players will be buying gear to get them up quickly. I would not suggest crafting more than 5 items of each type. Worst case you can just bank your items and sell them as transmog in 6 months time.

That’s a fairly long list. The list is roughly ranked in the order I would recommend looking into these markets. The top two are by far the easiest to get into.

TSM Screenshot showing my panther sales the last week
Panther sales the last week, looking pretty good

Markets you should not enter

It is pretty much a given that this list will contain everything else. A lot of these markets will still be profitable at the moment, but I don’t think it is worth the time if you are starting from scratch, or I expect them to hit the bottom quite quickly.

  • Legion BoE Flipping: With the obsolesence of the mage tower there is pretty much no reason to get high level gear. I have exited this market over the last month and I would not suggest it at this time.
  • Legion consumables: Legion consumables will very soon be obsolete. Don’t get into it! This means Alchemy, enchanting, jewelcrafting and Cooking.
  • Darkmoon decks (Legion variant): These are way too expensive to craft and the market will not be there when BfA launches

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for the last month of Legion. Even if the Legion markets are slow there is still plenty of gold to be made. Let me know if anything is unclear!

Have a profitable last month of Legion!

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